Created by French designer Paula de Lemos, Dents de loup began far away from Paris, in the South of India. The brand offers simple, beautifully handmade, long lasting characters made from natural materials. We like the new fisherman from the Northern seas, and its quirky retro look!

With his big hat he fights the icy wind and returns safely harbor to tell you his adventures by the fire with a bowl of hot chocolate, as a dad or a grandpa he is a funny personage, with his gray beard and lots of stories to share about the sea.

Since 2012, Dents de loup made a come back to Paris where it is produced, still in an artisanal way with cotton yarns. When speaking about her creations, Paula explains that “they are made ​​with patience, link by link with the desire to live a very long time and be a companion in the walks in the sun, picnics, vacations and lots of other adventures”.

To keep company to the sailor, to the wolf and the other fantasy characters, Dents de loup recently introduced masks, accessories and decorative items to their product range. Enter the Dents de loup world and check out the Etsy store here.