I am very excited to feature Smories.com on Pirouette. It is a wonderful free website where children can watch short films of new stories being narrated by other children. Smories has been dubbed the “perfect bridge between the traditional book and the future of digital story telling”. London duo Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar got the idea for Smories.com while on holiday during a long journey in a very dirty Land Rover from the Kalahari desert in Botswana to Cape Town in South Africa earlier this year. “Our 8 year-old daughter had the idea to film herself reading Enid Blyton short stories with our ipod, and then play them back to her younger sister. This kept them entertained for hours”.  Mine woke up this morning asking for more smories. A very special bravo and thank you to Lisa and Ralph for their genius idea.

Read more about how to have your own stories published, and how to win a prize on www.smories.com