Four years ago, together with her sister Mariana and with her friend Marta, Ines Pimentel created Piupiuchick. She opens the doors of her house to Pirouette.



Where is your home located in Porto? I live very near the beach. Actually very near everything! ☺ Close to the school of my kids, close to the store and to the Office, very close to my parents’ house! I could do everything on my foot. Sometimes I can ☺.

Is it a restauration and if so what is the “story” behind your home? We bough our apartment because we love the location. We always lived in Foz, close to the beach, and our childhood memories are mainly from there. It was an old apartment. Old and antique. I always wanted to do the Project of my house, finally I got this opportunity. We made a total restoration thinking on our family, our habits and likes.



How distant is the store from your home? It takes me 10 minutes walking from home to the store. I am very lucky because my daily life happens in a 3km radius, which makes my daily life much easier.
It allows me to have time to be with my kids, to go to the park or to the beach near home.





How is the work divided between you, Marta and Mariana? Each one of us has different academic backgrounds and skills, so the division of tasks was very easy and natural. I am an architect and assumed the creation of the collections. Marta is an interior designer and a very organized and methodical person. She assumed the paperwork and the operations of the company. Mariana is an engineer, loves technology and communicating. She takes care of the marketing, Web and relationship with partners/retailers.

You are a mom with 2 kids, how old are they? I have an older daughter with 9 years old (oh my god! So fast), and a boy with 7. They are my daily inspiration.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and where do you find your decorations elements? My mainly inspiration is my family. The spaces need to be functional and adapted to our lifestyle. Our kitchen is big because is our meeting point. While I cook, my kids are there near me doing their homework, talking about our day and sharing ideas. We love to have friends for dinner and while some are cooking, the others prepare the drinks. We do live this space intensely. It is our house’s heart I love to look for and buy decoration elements from antiques and bric-a-brac markets. I love to mix pieces and colours!






Do you also decorate it or is it a teamwork with Mariana and Marta? The store decoration was a team Project! But it was very easy as we all 3 have similar taste and lifestyle! We do essentially like informal spaces were our clients feel comfortable!

Let’s dream a bit : where would be the dream location for a piupiuchick store? Our dream is to have a bit of Piupiuchick everywhere in the world. We do not aim at being present at big commercial malls, but yet, in the small and special stores with personality and charisma! We are making our first steps in the internationalisation of the brand and we have already special retailers in more than 10 countries. We do have to thank them for believing and investing in our work. Next January we will be present again at Playtime Paris and we hope to fulfil their expectations and be able to establish new partnerships also.

What’s the best about Portugal? Difficult question! Definitely the climate, the food and the people! Its is a wonderful tiny country were we can see our kids grow up safely. People are generally very kind and warm. It deserves a visit!

Where do you spend your summer holidays? We normally go to South. Alentejo and Algarve are our favourite holidays’ destiny. Wonderful beaches, great food and marvellous natural landscapes.




Your favourite restaurant in Porto? Tourism has increased a lot in Porto in the last years. There are plenty of great restaurants here. Near home I like to go to “Casa Vasco”. And to go out with friends, in the historical center, I love “Puro 4010” and “Reitoria”.

And the place to go with children for a nice afternoon? We love to go for a bike ride. We get out in the morning and only come back in the afternoon. The City Park is a great start. Go all through the Marginal, from Foz to Ribeira, is a ride with guaranteed nice views.