An impressive mix.

The Thompsons family of five are an impressive mix. Mum Heidi is Korean/ American whilst Dad Scott is Hong Kong/ British. Gracie is 10, Phoebe is 8 1/2 and little brother Isaac (known as Izzy) is 3 1/2. During the early days of the pandemic the Thompsons swapped their city life in Hong Kong for the island of Koh Samui,Thailand to pursue a more sustainable, greener way of family living. Not easy under the circumstances but after a three month delay they made the leap. Mum, Heidi says “Home is anywhere with my husband and kids. Currently Koh Samui in Thailand”

Open spaces, lush nature surroundings, easy access to the beach, excellent food, and most importantly fast wifi make for a slower yet workable family life on Koh Sumai. Their sun-filled days sound idyllic, enjoying dinner with friends, running through fields of coconut trees (who knew) and watching tropical sunsets. They fall asleep to the sound of geckos and bullfrogs, but not before attending to their business remotely. Such are the joys of relocating to the Island.

It took them a while to get used to the insects, jellyfish and the frequent power outages and they soon discovered the little gems of island life and where to buy locally made produce. Their friend and neighbour produces delicious Israeli food, and there is an Italian store making fresh pasta. The children’s school has enabled Heidi to meet like minded individuals and make friends who like them have moved to the island in search for the quality of life the island offers.

Please name one personality trait for each family member?
Scott: Witty, Heidi: Impulsive, Gracie: Imaginative, Phoebe: Introspective, Izzy: Loves to boogie to any beat

Can you tell us a little bit about your work and background?
My husband Scott and I run a jewellery company called CARAT* London, focusing on lab-created diamonds and gemstones. As for my background, I studied design in the US and France, and later dabbled in a few things including assisting a celebrity DJ at clubs on Hollywood Blvd, working for a product designer in Paris, and also working in communications for a French television network. My realisation is that I’m the type of person that always needs to use my hands to create, otherwise I can’t sit still!

Describe your family style?
We are all super close, our free time is spent just hanging out and playing with the kids. I speak French with them to which they respond in English most of the time.. and they are learning Mandarin Chinese and Spanish at school. It’s all a little bit jumbled up!

What type of parents are you?
Scott and I are quite hands-on and try to be as open as possible with the kids. I believe in freedom within limits, based on the Montessori philosophy. We are firm but give the kids liberty within boundaries that are mutually understood.

A good habit that helps you as a parent?
About a year ago I started a bedtime ritual with the girls to look back on our day and think about our rose (something good that happened), thorn (something that bothered us), and bud (something to look forward to tomorrow). It’s helped to count my daily blessings and look back and think about what I can do better the next day.If you had a time machine, which family experience

What are the core ingredients that make your house a family home?
If the house is too quiet, something doesn’t feel right. Therefore, I would say the sound of chattering and laughter, along with a messy kitchen, and a worn-in comfortable sofa!

A favourite family meal/recipe, please share?
My go-to is veggie quesadillas, my version is the easiest thing to make! Put shredded cheddar on grilled tortillas, add onions and diced veggies, mashed avocados and a bit of sour cream with some chilli powder, fold over one side to make a half moon shape and cut into triangles!

Now to kids – Gracie and Phoebe

If you made the rules for home what would they be?
P: You can rollerskate inside the house.
G: No fighting, climbing down coconut trees is allowed, if you are good then you can have ice cream.

If you could have anything to put in your bedroom what would it be?
P: A bunk bed and a light-up star hanging from the ceiling.
G: It would be a ginormous fluffy dragon with sparkly wings and huge tusks and a white carpet made of alpaca fur.

What if you were magic for a day, what would you do?
P: I would be invisible and play hide-and-seek with Gracie.
G: I would have the ability to fly with the birds and touch the clouds.

If you had a parrot what would you teach him to say?
P: “Please” and “Thank You”
G: I would teach it to say “I do not like zucchini. Squawk!”