Ada Pilastro, almost 6 years old, lives in Rome with her mother. She practices artistic gymnastic and she has an immense admiration for her uncle Andrea, who lives in Milan. Andrea Pilastro, also called “Zio Andrea”, recently reminded the importance of role models for children : uncles, godfathers and friends, so I decided it was a good occasion for an uncle/niece interview! Andrea works in fashion &communication; he is the director of And’studio Milan.


What do you want to be when you grow up I want to work with horses
Your favorite famous person My uncle Andrea

Your favorite films The three musketeers

Your favorite animal The dog

The best holidays you ever had In Puglia, playing at the beach last summer

A city that you would dream to visit Praga

Your favorite color Dark Pink

Your favorite outfit A skirt with a short sleeved top

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My leggings

The next item you would like to get A golden top with a pink skirt!

Zio Andrea

Your favorite children’s brand I am not so much into brands particularly, but more into pieces that appeal me

Your favorite children’s store Frippino in Milan where I can buy all I want for Ada. The store is the right place for fun kids, with a great selection of Design, mainly Scandinavian. They have Finger in The Nose, Acne Mini, Kid’s case

Last item you added to your your niece’s wardrobe A backpack in blue nylon that I bought at Opening Ceremony in New York, from Fjallraven

Favorite pieces in Ada’s wardrobe Black leggings from Popupshop or Tuss, I can’t remember as I like those two brands a lot

When shopping with Ada, do you try to influence her choices or do you give her total freedom? I am lucky I guess because she always picks up the stuff that I like! Maybe I influence her in a special way, without telling anything…
A children’s magazine that you love to read Kidswear Magazine

The book on your bedside table “Bevete cacao Van Houten” by Ornela Vorpsi

Where do you like to go for the summer holidays We’d love to go back to Stromboli (the Sicilian island) where i spend holidays with Ada for 3 years. Without her mom and with my friends…she’s the boss!