Agathange is French although he was born in Belgium in 2005. He was named after his maternal great great grand-father. He moved to Singapore two years ago with his parents, older brother and younger sister and has been enjoying South East Asia’s warm climate that allows him to wear very little clothes. He’s picking up Mandarin a lot faster than his mum.

What you want to be when you grow up Submarine pilote or farmer

Your favorite famous person Lego Indiana Jones
What makes you happy To play video games on the wii with my brother
What makes you sad When my teacher says I’m naughty
Favorite book Tintin comics

Favorite films Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Cars, Krtek (Czech cartoon form the 70s) on youtube, YogaKids’ ABC
Favorite place for holidays My grand-parents’ mill in the South West of France

A city that you would dream to visit Somewhere where there is snow
Favorite yumme thing Ice cream!

Who chooses your Clothes in the morning My mum
Your favorite color Blue and brown
The piece your like the most from your wardrobe My Star Wars t-shirt
The next item you would like to get Lego Batman


Favorite children’s brands
IKKS and Gingersnaps, a super cute and fun Philippino brand with stores in Manila, Singapore, Jakarta and Bangkok. They have very quirky designs, cool prints and great quality at very affordable prices. Petit Bateau for underwear and PJs, Vert Baudet and Zara Kids for basics like tank tops. Gap for swimwear. Kickers for shoes (but in Singapore you have to settle with Crocs as kids will not wear anything else… sad!).
Favorite children’s stores
I shop mostly online or when on vacation. Bali has great kids clothes from local designers. Recently I discovered Gingersnaps in Manila and you cannot not come back empty handed from India. Their traditional kids outfit are just too cute!
Favorite online stores I buy a lot online: I stock on basics and cute sheets from Vert Baudet and get them delivered at my mum’s house in France. Sometimes I’ll get something from Melijoe during the sales and Vente Privee for good discounts. Ebay is a good place to find things that are from previous seasons (great to buy backups for the favorite “doudou” that is not sold anywhere anymore). For shoes I buy sometimes from Sarenza to get Kickers, but it’s risky especially since very hard to return from abroad. Gap online is a safe bet for swimwear. The Apple Store is fantastic to get intereactive books for the iPad and cool games.
Criteria you consider when you buy something for child
No buttons whatsoever for Agathange he can’t stand them! Everything I get for him must be super comfortable and easy to put on. Shoe-wise he will not wear anything else than Crocs so have given up on getting him nice shoes. I only buy clothes in cotton and linen and look for nice, understated designs.
Most expensive item you bought for your child
When in Europe a navy Burberry duffle coat and a silk Chloe dress for my daughter. In Singapore, Shanghai Tang PJs.
The outfits you really enjoy to see him in
At the moment the Saint James top his mamie sent him and his sibblings. He once matched it with tartan shorts. Very Jean-Paul Gaultier of him!
An item that is hard to find
in Singapore: a nice pair of shoes that is not plastic.
The book on your bedside table
A Philip Roth novel
Your favorite places for the summer holidays

My parents’ place in the countryside in the South West of France.

IKKS, Gingersnaps, Petit Bateau, Vert Baudet, Zara Kids, Gap, Melijoe, Vente privee, Sarenza, Kickers, Burberry, Chloe, Shanghai Tang, Saint James