Cecily lives in Boulder, Colorado where her family moved from New York in 2007. With her mother Edie Ure, a print designer, she shares a love for colors, prints and creative mix.


What you want to do when you grow up
Writer, singer, dancer or an artist

Favorite famous person (real or fiction)
Jenny Wesley from Harry Potter and Taylor Swift

Favorite book
The Far Away Tree

Favorite films
Where The Wild Things Are, Hairspray and Harry potter

Favorite place for holidays
Italy at the horse farm

A city that you would dream to visit

Who chooses your clothes in the morning
Usually me

Favorite color

Favorite brand
Abercrombie&Fitch, Monsoon

The piece your like the most from your wardrobe
My Roller girl Leg warmers from the Roller Derby. They are hot pink with black stripes

The next item you would like to get
Keds sneakers with different colored shoe laces.


Favorite children’s brands
Finger in the nose, Mor Mor Rita,  Liberty, Eliza Gran

Favorite children’s stores
J Crew, Top Shop for Girls, Monsoon for sparkles and accessories, H & M, Marc Jacobs girl for T-shirts

Do you buy a lot online for your children ?
Yes, because there aren’t many stores around us in boulder. J Crew is one of my favorite e-stores

Criteria you consider when you buy something for child
Will they wear it?!

Most expensive item you bought for your child
Liberty print dresses

Favorite piece in her wardrobe
Liberty print Dresses brought for $9.99 in Target

An item that is hard to find
Good vintage kids clothes

The place you’ll visit for the summer holidays
Tuscany and England