Daniela was born in Panama only ten years ago and she already traveled the world. After two years spent in Kenya, she is now living in Bolivia. She has a younger brother, Sebastian. Her mother Anabel Fournier is the owner and designer of Fournier, a childrenswear collection ethically produced between Peru, Chile and Bolivia.
What you want to be when you grow up
A fashion designer
Your favorite famous person
Nelson Mandela
The languages you speak
English, Spanish and French
Your favorite book
Junie B. Jones, Aloha-ha-ha!
Your favorite film
Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden
Your favorite place for holidays
My grandparent’s house in Co
sta Rica and Zanzibar in Tanzania.
A city that you would dream to visit
Barcelona, Spain and Cape Town, South Africa to see the whales.
Who chooses your clothes in the morning
Your favorite color
Your favorite brand
Fournier and Zara
The piece your like the most from your wardrobe
My Converse sneakers
The next item you would like to get
Skinny jeans
Your favorite children’s brands
Antik Batik, Lily and the Funky Boys, Maan
Your favorite adult’s brands 
Missoni, Diane Von Furstenberg, Etro, Paul & Joe
Your favorite children’s stores 
Bonton, Merci, Amaia
Do you buy a lot online for your children? 
I buy books through amazon.com. I don’t buy clothes online. I like Etsy for treasure finds from independent designers
The criteria you consider when you buy something for child
Quality and durability because we live in places where shopping for substitutes or new items is not an easy option
Most expensive item you bought for your child 
A ballerina outfit at Repetto in Paris
An item that is hard to find
Nice handbags for girls
Favorite piece in her/his wardrobe? 
A dress made with khanga fabric from Kenya
Where are you going for the summer holidays?
Costa Rica and New York