David lives in the beautiful city of Porto. He has an older brother and an older sister; his passion in life is football. His Mom Mafalda owns and manages a sourcing apparel business in Portugal and Tunisia.

What do you want to be when you grow up
I want to be a football player and also a magician
What is your favorite famous person 

My favorite person is Panda Kung Fu because he wants to save his city
Your favorite book
Lotsa de Casha from Madonna
Your favorite film
How to train your dragon
Your favorite animal
Dolphins and also like dogs if they are small. I have lots of gold fishes and also two birds
Your favorite place for holidays
My favorite place for holidays is Rio de Janeiro and also Vale do Lobo in the Algarve
A city that you would dream to visit
Paris because I love Disneyland
Who chooses your clothes in the morning
Nobody as i have to put my school uniform but other days it is my mom
Your favorite color
Blue and blue and blue
You favorite brands
My favorite brand is Finger in the Nose
The piece you like the most from your wardrobe
Love my leather bracelets , my UGG boots and my new classic navy blaser with gold metal buttons from portuguese brand Risca de Giz
The next item you would like to get
A new ski suit
You prefer shoes or sneakers
Converse sneakers  my favorites


Your favorite children’s brands 
There are several brands that i like for different reasons, for jeans my favorite is Finger in the Nose specially their skinny, also Hackett for a more british look, there’s a small spanish brand of stimulating tees called YPorquê that i really like and Villebrequin beach shorts as for sophisticated I like I Pinco Pallino or Monnalisa
Your favorite adult’s brands

Many again for different reasons, my favorite jeans are Seven’s , I love Balenciaga and Missoni
Your favorite children’s stores  
There’s a small store in Hale called Plum that has a great quality selection of brands. Harvey Nichols also carries a lot of new brands that i like a lot
The criteria you consider when you buy something for child
Mainly that it is confortable and that he can get to use it in many occasion. Also it should suit is style
The most expensive item you bought for David
A Burberry navy trench coat 
Favorite piece in his wardrobe
His Manchester United soccer uniform
Where are you off for the summer ?
We will spend our holidays between Menorca, Monastir and Vale do Lobo, Algarve where david is looking forward to his every year soccer training at the Manchester Schools

I Pinco Pallino, Monnalisa, HackettFinger in the NoseYPorquêVilebrequin, Harvey Nichols, Risca de Giz, Converse