Six years old Eloise was born in Paris and now lives in Sao Paolo, Brazil with her father, mother and younger brother. She speaks French and Portuguese. Her and mother Patricia, textile designer, tell us what they like when it comes to fashion, shopping, cinema and holidays.


What you want to do when you grow up  I want to be a hairdresser
Favorite famous person My best friend Camille
Favorite films  Barbie and the 12 princesses
Favorite place for holidays France
A city that you would dream to visit  A Chinese city
Who chooses your clothes in the morning My mom
Favorite color Black
Favorite brand Faber Castell  (crayons)
The piece your like the most from your wardrobe My candy dress
The next item you would like to get A black, blue and red dress


Favorite children’s brands There is not much choice here; there is mainly formal/special occasion clothes. So I buy a lot of French brands : Petit Bateau, which is very chic in Sao Paulo, Ikks, Kenzo, Les Lilliputiens, that I mix with some H&M, Monoprix or Du pareil au meme items. I like to mix brands and products of different price level.
Favorite children’s stores Puc, a store here in Sao Paolo. Kids can have a rest in a small lounge with a TV set and a few books. Children also receive a gift for any garment bought : a lovely necklace or a purse.
Do you buy a lot online for your children ? Yes, I buy online, especially before going back to France for the holidays. I buy DPAM and Petit Bateau.
The criteria you consider when you buy something for children? I look at practicality; I like easy to care – and also something strong and funny that will look good when I take pictures of my children.
Most expensive item you bought for your children Probably shoes as they are quite expensive, but school bags can be even more costly.
Favorite piece in your daughter’s wardrobe A dress from Kikka, a Brazilian young designer. It is a black and gold with a rock’n roll print.
An item that is hard to find It’s hard to find good well made shoes like French Pomme d’api or Kickers in Sao Paulo.
Favorite places for your for the summer holidays? We like to spend some time in Brazil, on the sea side, discovering new places from Parati to Trancoso, Ilhab-bela to Juquei. In France we go to Bretagne; very contrasted options.