Emile lives in South India, with his parents, brother Gaspard (3 years) and sister Victoria (1 year and half). His mother, Paula is Argentinian; she lived in Paris and Quito before Pondicherry. Inspired by her children, she creates little toys in cotton yarn called “Dents de loup”, a name which comes from a Serge Gainsbourg song. See her blog here and shop for Dents de loup products on http://www.etsy.com/shop/dentsdeloup.


What do you want to be when you grow up Astronome

What is your favorite famous person Luke Skywalker

What makes you happy Wednedays because I play football, and Fridays because I have circus training

What makes you sad When I have an argument with my good friends. Fortunately, it never last very long

Your favourite book “Les orphelins du ciel” (Bayard presse)  and “Petits contes nègres pour les enfants des blancs” (B. Cendrars)

Your favorite film Stars Wars

Your favorite animal Leopard

The best holidays you ever had In the Galapagos in 2008 and in the Maldives en 2010

A place that you would dream to visit The pyramids of Egypt

Your favorite outfit An Indian tunique in very thin cotton

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe I have a few very beautiful Indian traditional outfits

The next item you would like to get A toy : the Playmobile pyramid!


Your favorite children’s brands The French icon that we all love Petit bateau; an Argentinian brand called “Mimo & co”

What do you buy online? I buy books for the whole family on Amazon,  some nice items on “La Marelle” and sometimes toys on “jeuxbois.com”

A website that inspires you Kickcan and Conkers which makes me discover so many great things everyday

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children For both toys and clothes, it has to be beautiful and practical

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day A wonderful party with plenty of friends

Items that are hard to find Pondichery is a small traditional city. Nothing is an easy find a part from sarees. The worse is probably children’s shoes.

The book on your bedside table L’ombre du vent (original title La sombra del viento) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Where do you like to go for the summer holidays We generally go to France but the dream place, I agree with Emile, is a white sand island…