RichBrown, his wife Sam and their 3 sons are Australian, and currently living in Saigon, Vietnam where they moved 6 months ago.  A business as well as a lifestyle choice. Rich, initially a science teacher, found  a fresh and fun niche in kids streetwear after working in shops  and spending some years in surf and streetwear. His brand Munster Kids is sold in really cool children’s stores. He and Jax, who likes football, skating, catching lizards, riding his bike and playing star wars on the DS, tell us what they like when it comes to consuming fashion and other cultural items.

What do you want to be when you grow up 
I want to save animals in the wild 

Your favourite famous person, real or fictional
Darth Moore (a Jedi from Star Wars, for those who have no boys!)
Your Favourite Book
Star wars 
Your Favourite Film
Star wars 
Your Favourite Place for holidays
Nanny and Grandpa Farm, Milton, NSW
A city that you would dream to visit
Mos Eisley (located on planet Tatooine in Star Wars….)
The person who chooses your clothes in the morning  
I do
Your Favourite colour?  
Blue and Red
The piece you like the most from your wardrobe
“dont start wars” tee 
The next item you would like to get  
Your favourite children’s brands   
Vans, mini rodini , Dues ex machina , finger in the nose , Rittenhouse 

Your favourite adult brands?  
Original fake, Stussy, Pam, Rittenhouse, Vans, Koast
Your favourite children’s stores? 
Yoyamart, Kidostore, Tinypeople
Do you by a lot online for your children? 
We look at alot of stuff online yet tend to buy from stores we visit 
The criteria you consider when you buy something for your child? 
Fit, quality  and would the boys want to wear it
Book on bedside table?
Monster Children 
Where are you going for the summer holidays?  
Back home to Cronulla Sydney and down to my parents farm on the South Coast

Munster KidsVans, mini rodini , Dues ex machina , Finger in the nose , RittenhouseYoyamart , Kidostore, Tinypeople, Koast.