Juno.jpg Juno & Hiroko.jpg Juno is 6 years old today…happy birthday! She speaks French with her dad Benoit and Japanese with her mom Hiroko, is the designer and owner of jewelry brand Orner. Juno What do you want to be when you grow up  A dancer Your favorite famous person  Pocahontas Your favorite book  “The Biggest  House in the World” by Leo Lionni Your favorite film  Difficult to choose between “Pocahontas”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”  and “the Sound of Music” Your favorite place for holidays  Japan A city that you would dream to visit  A city in India Who chooses your clothes in the morning  My dad first, then My mum and finally me! Your favorite color  Purple The piece your like the most from your wardrobe  My pink dress which floats when I turn round on myself The next item you would like to get  A Playmobil princess Hiroko Your favorite children’s brands  BooFooWoo, Finger in the noise and Bonton Your favorite adult’s brands  Back to noise, 0044, Yves Saint Laurent and many others…. Your favorite children’s stores  BooFooWoo stores in Tokyo and Bonton in Paris Do you buy a lot online for your children  Not yet! The criteria you consider when you buy something for child  Quality and style Most expensive item you bought for your child  A Japanese educational book collection An item that is hard to find  A long cardigan Favorite piece in Juno’s wardrobe  Vintage Sex pistol’s t-shirt for kids ! Where are you going for the summer holidays  South of France to feel and eat sun ! BooFooWoo, Finger in the nose, Bonton