Kaili is a funny girl who makes people laugh, intentionally or not. She loves arts and crafts and recently has been doing a lot of colouring, cutting papers and pasting…she is also pretending to do origami. One sure for sure : Kaili is into yellow! Chiharu, a Japanese based in Hong Kong, recently launched a very inspiring e-store called www.storytime.jp.


What do you want to be when you grow up Strawberry Shortcake!!!

What makes you happy My yellow Miffy umbrella with the yellow rain coat and rain boots- all yellow!

What makes you sad When my toys break

Your favorite book Spot loves his Mommy and Dr. Seuss, or books by Taro Gomi

Your favorite films Ponyo on the cliff by Hayao Miyazaki

Your favorite animal Tiger (comes from her favorite Japanese stuffed animal Tiger called Shimajiro and its yellow!)

The best holidays you ever had Koh Samui Thailand. They made an Elephant doll for me and baked a bear bread with my name on it.  I had my own robe and slippers like Mommy and Daddy!

A place that you would dream to visit Lollipop land

Your favorite outfit Anything that has yellow

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe A shirt from France with lots of robots in different colours.  It also has a key hidden and I always need to find the key!

The next item you would like to get I want to be Dopy (one of the dwarfs of Snowwhite) and want to get the costume!


Your favorite children’s brands Good evening, Bonpoint, Zozio, Wovenplay, Nellystella

Your favorite children’s stores Isetan (Shinjuku Branch) kids floor has a great selection of both Japanese and non-Japanese brands, Bonpoint (anywhere in the world!), a book store called “Merry Go Round” for kids in Kyoto

What do you buy a lot online for your children Since I started my boutique, I have been buying more for the boutique than for Kaili! However, I do continue to buy a lot of arts and crafts things for kids on anthropologie.com, hocusadabra.com that delivers international, and have been eying cute things at www.rompbklyn.com. I rely quite a bit on amazon.co.jp to get the Japanese kids books as well as dvds for my daughter

A website that inspires you Anthropologie.com, Goop.com, ahcahcum-muchacha.com

The criteria you consider when you buy something for Kaili Comfortable with good design. Also, as she is at the stage of putting her own clothes on and off, I like to make sure that it is an easy one for her to wear and take it off

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe Chiffon Polk-a-dot dress by good evening

Most precious item you bought for your child All the traveling and the experience she has done just in 3 years!

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Capturing some beautiful moments by asking Rensis Ho (www.rensisho.com) to take photos at her 2nd Birthday party which was held at a cupcake shop

Favorite pieces in Kaili’s wardrobe Yellow dress and party shoes from Bonpoint (wore it for her 3rd year birthday)

The book on your bedside table Tons of Japanese arts and crafts books that I want to make but have not been able to do

Where do you like to go for the summer holidays This is a tough question to answer. My romantic side would say Spain, France or Italy…but the practical side says exploring more of South East Asia and Japan!


Good evening, Bonpoint, Zozio, Wovenplay, Nellystella, Isetan, Merry go round, hocusadabra.com, www.rompbklyn.com