Chantal is a designer ( and blogger ( from Montreal, very active on Twitter, always looking for new ideas and inspirations, generously sharing her great finds. When asked about her daughter, Keira-Mae, 5 years old, she says : “Keira-Mae is a little Montrealer who loves to be friends with everyone. If she doesn’t know your name, she will just call you, ‘mon amie!’.She speaks English with Mommy and French with her friends, at school and her Papa. She just took up violin lessons and is loving that and is finally swimming with a much-deflated dorsal floater. Yay! Perhaps in another lifetime, she might have been born in Italy as she is quite the cheese and pasta lover.”Keira-Mae would be happy in my home where it’s pasta (the real Italian way) almost everyday!


What do you want to be when you grow up A cheese maker (I love cheese!) and a dress maker

What is your favorite famous person Merliah the mermaid and my best friends Bianca, Mathilde & Alexander

What makes you happy/laugh The stars make me happy, smiley faces and the tickle monster (when mommy & daddy tickle me silly!) makes me laugh

What makes you sad Not sharing makes me sad

Your favorite book Sam Sam le plus petit des grands héros cartoons, fairy stories

Your favorite films Anything Barbie, Astro Boy

Your favorite animal A unicorn

The best holidays you ever had Disneyland in California where I took pictures with Minnie and Mickey and Virginia Beach, two years in a row. This year, I met a great new friend Sydney from Pittsburgh at the beach and I went to visit Abby Cadabby and Elmo at Busch Gardens too

A place that you would dream to visit The beach like in Hawaii

Who chooses your clothes in the morning During the week it’s a school uniform Weekends and no school days, it’s me!

Your favorite outfit My sparkly pink party dress

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe All my dresses!

The next item you would like to get Something very sparkly, on a dress


Your favorite children’s brands Mexx & Zara Kids for their slender cuts, Mimimouse, Kltworks, for their cotton tops, and Québec brand Blü

Your favorite children’s stores In Montréal Mexx & Zara kids, Enfants Deslongchamps for special occasions ( New York: Crewcut (J.Crew kids)

What do you buy a lot online for Keira-Mae I actually love entering a shop and looking at the entire collection before I buy. I also have to make sure the clothing fits as I sometimes buy a smaller size for Keira, especially skirts so that it fits around the waist. I do buy artwork (everywhere & etsy), books and toys online (Amazon). An e-store I would love to spend if I had a deep wallet: Smallable, Phillip Lim & Maan

A website that inspires you Pirouette blog! I also love Baby Kid Space and Ohdeedoh for kid interiors.

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Cotton or close to it as possible as my girl has sensitive skin, is easy to wash and most importantly: easy to play in

Last item you added to Kiki’s wardrobe Head to toe Orage Junior ski jacket, pants, gloves and beanie for the coming winter & ski season. It’s lightweight and cool!

Most precious item you bought for your child Charms for her charm bracelet which we will add to until she reaches her Sweet 16 and then present to her. Each charm so far expresses a bit about her.

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Two octopus toys that were extremely hard to find!

Items that are hard to find Shoes that fit my girl’s extremely skinny feet

Favorite pieces in Keira-Mae’s wardrobe An Escada girls dress that she wore to her first school recital & a cute yellow pinafore dress made by a Québec artisan & dressmaker. Both are now too small but I have it stored away in a memory box.

The book on your bedside table Just magazines… Milk Hors Série, Milk magazine, Monocle and Japanese fashion mags

Where do you like to go for the summer holidays Anywhere where there is a beach, which in the last three years included Southern California and Virginia Beach.

Mimimouse,Kltworks,, Blü, Orage Junior, Enfants Deslongchamps, CrewCuts, Maan, smallable