Lily is very creative, talkative and full of energy. She spends a lot of time drawing and has been making little books for herself since she was 3. Like mother, like daughter, she is a party animal and will easily stay up until dawn if we have friends around on holidays. Elodie Kong, her mother, a Senior Lawyer for an int’l fashion group in Paris and Barcelona, is the co-founder of concept store BODIE and FOU. She adds : “Lily loves drawing, creating, painting, cutting etc…When it comes to her art, she is a perfectionist and she will get frustrated, throwing sheets of paper one after another on the floor, if she doesnt manage to draw what it’s in her mind. She is also very protective of her creations. Once my husband, who is a graphic designer (, and her started a painting together one Sunday afternoon. When Lily went to bed, Christophe carried on working on their painting. In the morning, she got really upset when she saw her dad had started drawing on her collages…It is a very sensitive subject and we hide the painting now to avoid further tears. She is also known by everyone at school or in the area and she never remembers anybody’s names!


What do you want to be when you grow up I want to be a Doctor to take care of animals
What is your favourite famous person Shrek
What makes you happy My Dad (she says with her Dad sitting next to her pointing at himself)
What makes you sad When people don’t want to play with me obviously
Your favourite book Le Chat Botte
Your favourite films Lilo & Stitch, Shrek, The Chipmunks
Your favourite animal My cat Plum
Your favourite holiday places Thailand and London because it’s really hot in Thailand and because I like the Park next to my cousin Mila’s home in Brook Green
A city or a place that you would dream to visit Egypt! I would like to see the Pyramids
Who chooses your clothes in the morning Ma maman
Your favourite colour Orange
Your favourite outfit My white and pink striped t-shirt (which is in fact the top from an old PJ by Petit Bateau – says Elodie) and my Liberty blouse (from Bonpoint)
What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My orange dress with smocks my auntie Karine gave me
The next item you would like to get A big doll with long hair and a camera



Your favourite children’s brands Bonpoint, Bonton, and Monoprix in Paris, Liberty in London
Your favourite children’s stores Bonpoint, Bonton, and Monoprix and Les Loulous des Batignolles (Les-Loulous-des-Batignolles)
Your favourite online destinations BODIE and FOU of course, Pepito Mi Corazon (, Comme La lune ( and Les Tartines de Sidonie ( . Also
Your favourite adult’s brands Zadig & Voltaire, Berenice, Bellerose
The book on your bedside table The Stephanie Plum adventures – Bounty hunter from hell by Janet Evanovitch
The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Quality and design
Most precious item you bought for Lily Her camera
Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Liberty blouses
Items that are hard to find Pjs for Lily
Favourite pieces in Lily’s wardrobe I love her green converses, her Bonpoint blouse in Liberty print, her startrite from London,
Best place to spend the holidays in family Thailand or my sister’s home in France