Lucie, 6 y old, is the strongest person in the world. Her dream ? To own a store with all things she likes most in her life. Myriam Werner, mother of Lucie and her two little sisters Elsa and Pia, is a Freelance stylist.

Lucie Braun

What is your big dream? I would like to own a store with all things I like most in my life.

Who is the strongest person in the world? Me

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Working in my store

What is the best thing in life?  To be in Formentera

Are you scared of anything? When my little sister Pia is running on the street.

What makes you laugh? When my daddy is driving in a funny way on our way back from the beach bar in the evening.

Your favourite films, books, apps?  Das Sams

The best holidays you ever had?  Formentera each summer and spring

A place that you would dream to visit?  London because I went there only as a baby and I can’t remember how it looks like there.

Your favourite belonging?  Lotta my doll

The next item you would so dearly love to get? A camera for my birthday

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? I would like to know how to sew.

Anything else you would like to tell? I can’t wait to start school in August, but better would be in September so I can stay one more month in Formentera.


Myriam Werner

A place you saw when you were a child, and that made its mark on you? Formentera I spent all my summer holidays here and it makes me more than happy to see my 3 little girls feeling home here in the same way.

The place you love near your home? We just moved back to Mitte and it just feels good to have all you need and those you like around.

Where do you dream to go for your next family holiday? Paris to visit our friends there.

The book on your bedside table? Delphine de Vigan  –  Rien ne s’oppose a la nuit

The children’s brands your cherish?  Talc, Bellerose, Bonton, Rondini sandals and for summer the little light dresses I find on the island.

The children’s stores you love to visit and buy from? Ines and her “Petite Boutique” the only store I go to in Berlin if not I love the Bonton concept store on Boulevard Beaumarchais they have the best Tatoos ever.

Last thing you bought for your child? Diving masks for Elsa and Lucie and a bucket for Pia.

Favourite pieces in your daugther’s wardrobe? Hard to say with 3..I love Lucie’s cut denim shorts , Elsa’s printed skirt from Simple kids and Pia’s little red Pepe sandals in size 21!!!!!!

What do you buy online? Berlin is not the best shopping destination regarding kids or maybe it’s just not my taste so I order online or buy during my travelling in Paris, London or NY.  Vintage furniture in the south of France, Smallable or brands own online stores , for example Mini Rondini and of course all basic food shopping to make life easier!

The product/purchase that changed your life? To be honest… a microwave! And masking tape as the girls stopped painting the walls.

Do you have a big dream and if so what is it? My biggest dream started to become true 6 years ago when Lucie was born so I live my dream now it’s just about a bit of time for me to go back to work a bit more.

Something that made you laugh out loudly recently? Too many things as we have the best time ever with our friends in spain.

F you could reincarnate in another person, who would that be? I’m really happy…so no way to change!