Fun, fantasy and splashes of crazy colours are the main ingredients in the work of Belgian photographer Emilie Vercruysse. Very Belgium one could say. The campaigns she did for childrenswear brand Morley were very successful, widely posted and pinned on Social media. Quick chat with Emily.

Where do you live and where did you study photography?

I live in Ghent, and I studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts here in Ghent.

What took you to photography and more precisely to children’s photography?

Not having the skills to be a drawer/ painter, photography was the perfect medium to express my ideas. During my time at the academy, my little sister was my favourite model…

At that time she was a 10 year old and I loved the way she looked so self confident in combination with the vulnerability and fragile look of a girl of that age.  This contrast is still today what I’m looking for in a model.

Since my daughter (now 5) was born, I started to photograph kids.
What do you particularly like about it?
I can go a bit more crazy in styling and props with kids (I like for example to put all sorts of objects on their heads) and they don’t mind ;)
Children never ask me what I expect them to do, they are just staying theirselves. They are just very nice to work with.
Artists you admire?
Gerard Richter, David Lachapelle, Sally Mann, Patricia Urquiola and many many more…
Your plans for the future?
I’m currently taking time for personal work, that will be showed on a exhibition early 2014. I’ll keep you posted!