Luella was born in New York where she lived for four years. She now leaves upstate New York (a few miles from Woodstock), in a wonderful stone farm surrounded by nature. She has two younger brothers and lots of little animal friends. Her mom Ryan, founder of mor mor rita, teaches her how to cook, how to sew and how to make everything she touches become magically poetic and inspiring. Lucky Luella.


What you want to do when you grow up  An artist
Favorite famous person (real or fiction)  Willy Wonka
Favorite book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Favorite film Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland
Favorite place for holidays  Idaho (US) to visit family
A city that you would dream to visit Paris
Who chooses your clothes in the morning Me
Favorite color Gold
Favorite brand  Mor mor rita and H&M 
The piece your like the most from your wardrobe My gold sparkle stockings
The next item you would like to get A short sleeve gold knit shrug sweater


Favorite children’s brands Album di famiglia, Bonpoint, American Apparel for basic tees, Wovenplay, Bensimon for sneakers, Atsuyo et Akiko for tees and sweatshirts
Favorite children’s stores Makie, Bonton in Paris, ABC Carpet, Manon et Gwenaelle, Pomme
Do you buy a lot online for your children ? I like to look around to see what’s out there. My favorites are,,, I mainly shop in my studio when the children are in need of something new
The criteria you consider when you buy something for children? Fiber content, color, comfort
Most expensive item you bought for your children A hand embroidered vintage circle skirt from Peru
Favorite piece in your daughter’s wardrobe Any mor mor rita cashmere/mor mor rita tanks; Luella’s daily staple, gold leather ballet slippers
An item that is hard to find Good simple hairban and hair accessories…the selection is slim
Favorite places for your for the summer holidays? Ireland and England