“It is about a boy and girl who always wanted to be like Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa to save the world. Since neither of them were indians, lawyers or nuns, but happen to be born in Colombia and living in Australia with a passion for fashion they came up with one idea: Kutie Protocol“.

They seemed so skilled story makers that I thought the Kutie Protocol founders were parents. When I askedIan-Michael Farkasto do a parent/child interview for Pirouette, he sent a picture of him and wife Vanessa as children and he came up with the following answers:


I dont have a child…..yet. If I had a child, I would like him to be named Martin, although Vanessa my wife may disagree. Anyways, when he reaches the age of 6 years old, we’ll be living in our North Bondi home. He would be a total nerd who loves to play drums, read science fiction comics and watch star wars….he would dreams to one day become a sailor that goes around the world raising funds to save the last remaining whales.
I know his favorite person will be his mom, he would always find a good laugh by watching his dad trying to catch a wave…..he is always sad when his grandparents say goodbye until the next holidays together. His favorite holiday place I really hope will be Cartagena, where his grandparent have a place, where we go and meet the entire family for a intense gathering of food, games and story telling…every year.
My guess is that he will dream about visiting Africa and going to a safari. His mom chooses his clothes in the morning…but I can imagine this will be an epic battle every morning, since he likes to dress up everyday as a Obi Wan Kanobi. His favorite colour could be blue and the piece he likes the most is a pair of Kutie Protocol jeans. The next item he would like to get is the boat to sail away………


Your favourite children’s brands Kutie Protocol is number one, rittenhouse basics, the kute handmade shoes from All about Heidi and Stokke stroller designs are my favorites. Paper wings for the beautiful organic fabric they use.
Your favorite children’s stores Kido store for good design and local markets for good finds…
What do you buy online? I would buy so much online from littlefashiongallery, dragonfly, ministyle, kidostore!
A website that inspires you Ted.com inspire me all the time….with ideas worth spreading. The Selby and FFFFFOUND! too.
Your criteria when buying for children Comfort, ethical and design
Last item you bought for your child If he would be 6, I I would have bought him a really good wetsuit for the colder months ahead..and the most precious item I would have given him so far would probably be surf board or his Like-a-bike mountain. I like to imagine that the best gift ever would have been the lego wall in his room which we built together.
Items that are hard to find I find it really hard to find a good hat that fits me well.
Favorite item in your wardrobe My dad’s 60’s Lumberjack Vest and my selvedge edwin jeans.
The book on your bedside table At the moment I am reading Tribes by Seth Godin.
Best place for your summer holidays Definitely in a remote town somewhere in Colombia….next summer’s destination: Providencia.