Milan is a bit of a dream son for a mom : into sports (football and surf)  but also very interested by the arts, creative (he makes amazing drawings), fashion savvy (he has a very precise idea of what he likes and how to wear things) and last but not least, very protective with his little sister Colette, 3 years old. A great source of joy for Delphine, a French writer based in LA since 1996, 2/3 time mother, 1/3 time writer.


What you want to be when you grow up A professionnal soccer player

Your favorite famous person Christiano Ronaldo

What makes you laugh The Simpsons

What makes you angry If someone is mean to my little sister

Your favorite book Bone and Diary of a Wimpy kids

Your favorite films Avatar and all the James Bond

Your favorite places for holidays Bonaire Island for its crystal clear water- wild donkeys, iguanas and flamingos

A place that you would dream to visit Fiji

Your favorite color Red and black

Your favorite outfit A pair of jeans, a hoodie sweatshirt and cool sneakers

The piece your like the most from your wardrobe My new pink Nike cleats

The next item you would like to get A surf board and a fixed gear bike


Your favorite children’s brands Bobo Choses, Makie, Bonpoint

Your favorite children’s stores Lost and found in Los Angeles, Bonton in Paris

Your favorite online destinations For clothes: ”Smallable”. For toys ”Romp” and “Madame la Marchande”. For art: Revue Dada . For fashion inspiration: The Sartorialist

Your current source of inspiration, or your obsession Always to keep my eyes and ears openned to the world.

Your favourite films Any Coen Brothers movie in general and “Mon Oncle” de Jacques Tati in particular

The book on your bedside table ”Les femmes Savantes “ by Moliere and “Small is beautiful “ by Schumacher

Criteria you consider when you buy something for your childen Timeless, functional and inspired

The most precious item you bought for your child A Bonpoint suit

Favorite piece in Milan’s wardrobe A Liberty shirt for my son and a cashmere hooded cardigan for my daughter

An item that is hard to find For my 3 year old: functional yet sophisticated pants and shoes. For my 10 year old: any clothes beside surf, skate ad soccer fashion

The best present you gave to a child for his birthday Always something I will buy for my kids- last one is “Creature Floor puzzle “ from photographer Andrew Zuckerman

Your favorite places to spend the holidays in family In Nornandie where I was raised and any where  in the world with beautiful water or beautiful art