NBoor & Julie

Noor lives in Marrakech, with her younger brother Zach and her parents, Moulay and Julie, who own zid zid kids.

Nour speaks English, Arabic and French. She loves playing around with the ethnic, graphic, geometric pieces from her closet.


What you want to be when you grow up
A teacher

Your favorite famous person

What makes you laugh/happy?
My teacher

What makes you sad?
When an animal is tortured

Your favorite book
My Little Island by Frane Lessac

Favorite films
Le Petit Nicolas and Gone with the Wind

Favorite place for holidays
Cabo Negro, Morocco and Merlift, Morocco

A city that you would dream to visit
Any city in China

Who chooses your clothes in the morning

Your favorite color
Turquoise and Fuchsia

Favorite brands
Old Navy in New York and Zara in Marrakech

The piece you like the most from your wardrobe
My leggins

The next item you would like to get
More leggings!

Favorite children’s brands
Kit and Lili, Flora and Henri, Petit Bateau, Pink Chicken, So Lucky Fish
Favorite children’s stores
Yoya and Yoyamart in NY, Entertaining Elephants in LA
Favorite online stores
Little Fashion Gallery for amazing design and inspiration, Reform school rules for great looking home accessories, Romp for great playthings and decorative finds for kids
Criteria you consider when you buy something for child
How long it will last and how soft the fabric is
Most expensive item you bought for your child
This will sound funny since we live in Marrakech, but this past year it was really nice winter coats from Paris because it gets very cold here in the winter.
Favorite piece in her wardrobe
Tunics from Zid Zid Kids
An item that is hard to find
Here in Marrakech that would be really good socks! I wait and buy them when in NYC.
Your favorite adult’s brands
Dries Van Noten, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent

The book on your bedside table

Unaccustomed Earth by Jumpha Lahiri and a beautifully illustrated 1949 children’s book called Little Wild Horse by Hetty Burlingame Beatty

Your favorite places for the summer holidays
Cabo Negro and Merlift, both in Morocco