Kasia Pysiak, founder and designer of Zaikamoya, was born in Russia, raised in Poland, spend a decade in Paris before settling in Brooklyn.  With her son Liev (4 y old), she takes the pause for  Zoe Adlersberg and she tells us about her life in Prospect Heights.

Zaikamoya is a minimalist and functional children’s clothing line, lovingly crafted in small editions of high-quality fabrics.

The pieces are clean and simple, made of natural and durable material in neutral tones. A collection that focuses on the pure, the versatile and the essential.

Best of New York

Your memories of moments or situations you loved with Liev?

Liev and I were taking a ride on the Staten Island ferry; we were having a wonderful day seeing the Statue of Liberty and taking in views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. I asked Liev if he understood why the water churned up by the boat was so white and bubbly. I was hoping to be able to explain to him how the engine worked and how the boat was able to move through the water. Liev flashed a big, clever smile on his face and said: “the fish are brushing their teeth”. When I laughed, he again smiled and said: “No, fish don’t brush their teeth. They don’t have hands!” I will always remember that moment and I love the memory of us laughing together on the ferry and enjoying NYC.

3 favorite NY ideas and places for you and Liev?

We love watching the Koi fish in the Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It is a unique enclave of calm in our chaotic city.

Liev adores his skateboard instructor Kevin, the “Skateyogi.” He takes lessons in front of Brooklyn Museum and I love watching him skateboard past the glass façade of the museum. www.skateyogi.com.

Norman and Jules is a great toy store in Park Slope with the most beautifully crafted toys made from sustainable materials  normanandjules.com.

As a family

Your favorite family movie to see again and again

We love Curious George.  The Man with the yellow hat has become our parenting role model.

Liev is…? 

Blessed with a vivid imagination and a good sense of humor.

A big dream ?

We dream of exotic, faraway places and have big travel plans for the years to come. We can’t wait to share different cultures and new experiences with Liev.

What is La vie en rose for you ?

We love the summer, sun, beach, good food, and spending time with close family and friends.  The last five vacations we spent exploring the Greek islands by boat; we can envision ourselves retiring there. I have a great memory of last summer, relaxing on a secluded Greek beach, watching the sunset over the Mediterranean while Liev played in the surf. La vie en rose!

The internet to our family is….

An amazing tool. We have a picture of Liev on his 1st birthday with a cake, candles and two laptops on each side of him. On each laptop we are skyping with our families in Russia and Turkey. Thanks to the internet, we were able to celebrate together despite the distance!

Best album to listen to as a family?

Liev loves dancing to anything by Thom York and we love watching him.

About you

Your best mothering moment?

There is not one single moment because I feel blessed every day to have Liev in my life. Every single moment I spend with him is my favorite and every single day is a new adventure. It is fascinating to see his the world through his eyes.

Your worst mothering moment?

I feel so helpless when Liev is sick; I wish I could take away all the unpleasantness but all I can do is hold him and comfort him.

How do you balance motherhood and work?

Like most other mothers, I just do my best every day. I prioritize and plan and try to separate my work and family time as much as possible.

Photography/art – favorite masters and why?

There are countless inspiring artists that I admire but I have had the chance to work with two women who have had a significant influence on my life: Sara Moon and Deborah Turbeville. Through their art, these women create a mysterious, magical and romantic world. I am always moved by their work.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in everything around me from the fantastic to the mundane. A few important influences are travel, movies, art, nature, and New York City.

A memory or an image from your childhood?

Some of my favorite memories are of our summer vacations at my grandmother’s house in the Ural Mountains of Russia. I would play with my cousins in the front yard and we would daydream and our imaginations would run wild creating performances for the grownups. Our grandma would tell us amazing stories of her life and we would play cards and games. Sometimes the happiest moments are also the simplest.