Part of Babesta‘s series of fashion storytelling, this captivating video featuring cool city kids hanging out, playing & living together. Inspired by Patti Smith, it was shot by Katrina Tang with words (a poem) written by Jennifer Cattaui, and  music by Karel Otstavel.

Babesta, a children’s store in New York, likes to make things differently. They like to bring fashion and brands to life in a new creative and fun way that gives context beyond the printed page.

The project evolved from 6 hours of video capturing moments during our fashion shoot, into a 3 minute youth anthem and story of these. “We wanted to consider and show kids’ complex emotional experience and creative essence and were as much inspired by Patti Smith, as we were by Real World, Divergent, Hunger Games, Lord of the Flies & Def Poetry Jam” comments Jennifer Cattaui. “Being around kids all the time – my own, their friends, those in the store, etc, I’m always impressed how deep, thoughtful and intuitive kids are today. I’m sure they’ve always been – but I’m just noticing it. I wanted to think about their response toward the hyper scheduled, plugged in world we’re in and wanted to counter it with a vid that was simple, relaxed yet ambitious and authentic”.

Videography by Katrina Tang

Words & Styling by Jennifer Cattaui

Hair & Makeup by Nicole Jay

Video Editing by Randel Pomber

Music by Karel Otstavel

Video Assistant Jorgen Paabu

Project Manager Aslan Cattaui.