Author of blog escarabajosbichosymariposasMaria Cañal describes her son Nico as a dreamer, a really sensitive and fun boy. “He makes me laugh… He loves drawing and can be hours just with a piece of paper and a pen. He also loves sports and wants to be a good surfer… and he is definitely a nice and gentle boy!!’.


What is your big dream? Surfing in a volcano.

Do you have special powers?  Yes I do. I can move things around with just looking!

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I would like to be a pilot and a surfer.

What is the best thing in life? Climbing trees with my friends.

Are you scared of anything?  Spiders.

Your favourite films, books, apps? Peter Pan and the big book of dinosaurs.

A city/place that you would dream to visit? Africa because there are crocodiles, lions, giraffes…

Your favourite belonging? My star wars toys and the invizimal album I am about to finish!!

The next item you would so dearly love to get? A wii…

Anything else you would like to tell? Yes! If you could do another questionnaire for me and my mum, I really like it!


Where do you dream to go for your next family holiday? Morocco… I can’t wait to go with Nico!

A film or cultural event that you saw recently and that staid with you? “Into the wild” The movie is amazingly beautiful.

The film that you love to see with the whole family? The Jungle Book… I have always loved the movie and I think I have passed that love to my son!

The book on your bedside table? “Things your grandchildren should know” by Mark Everett is the one I read the last. I like the book and the writer’s band, the Eels!

The children’s brands your cherish? Definitely I am in love with Bobo Choses. I adore the cool look of it all, and it is a Spanish brand!.

The children’s stores you love to visit and buy from? In my town, Oviedo, there are a couple of nice shops: “Yussica Bags and Baby” and “Luna de Plata”. Online, Smallable has everything I like, and Nobodinoz also has a great variety of nice stuff!

Last thing you bought for your child? Kappla game. Amazing. I love playing with it as well!. It is very relaxing and creative.

Favourite pieces in your child’s wardrobe? The converse. He and I wear them all the time!! I have for the past 20 years and he has since he was born! ;-)

What do you buy online? I buy books, clothes, stationary… many things. Sometimes when I don’t have much time, buying online is the answer! I love Cox and Cox for the house and kids, and amazon for books…

The online destinations that inspire you? Body and Fou and April and May.

The product that changed your life? Definitely washi tape four years ago! It is such a brilliant idea that I use all the time.

Do you have a big dream and if so what is it? Live by the sea…

Something that you did in your childhood that you makes you laugh today? We laugh about many stuff, sometimes we just laugh… really, in our house we love laughing whenever possible!

Something that made you laugh out loudly recently? Some of my sons quotes… sometimes they are more than brilliant. He makes me laugh so much.

Anything you want to tell? As well as my son, I really liked this questionnaire for Pirouette. It is such a pleasure to be here.

If you could reincarnate in another person, who would that be? A good photographer, please! I would love to show in my pictures all that I mean and feel!!! I would love to be a good photographer in my next life!