Savannah She lives in a small village near the beautiful cities of Nimes and Montpellier, South of France. Everyone calls her Nana at home : her dad, mom and two brothers Miles Harrison (5) and Dylan Samuel (14).  Her mom, Deborah Beau, is a blogger (the famouskickcanandconkers, it’s her!) and soon-to-be online retailer.


What do you want to do when you grow up I want to be an acrobat in a circus, a dancer or a singer

Your favorite famous person The girl who plays Tallulah in Bugsy Malone (Jodie Foster) and Johnny Depp

Your favorite book I love all the Petit Nicolas stories

Your favorite films Annie, Bugsy Malone, Kérity, la maison des contes and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Your favorite place for holidays Le Cabanon, a place we sometimes go to in the Lubéron and Ilkley in England. I like running on the moors

A city that you would dream to visitI haven’t been to London yet, I want to have a ride in a taxi.  I’d like to go to Sydney in Australia

Who chooses your clothes in the morningMum usually chooses my clothes for school and I wear what I want on Wednesdays and at the weekends

Your favorite colorPink, purple and black

The piece you like the most from your wardrobeI really, really like my Liberty Bensimon pumps and my pink Converse

The next item you would like to get A long dress, I like wearing dresses. I also want a new black leather jacket, mine has got holes in it


Your favorite children’s brands

Savannah has always liked wearing dresses and that suits me fine. She has a lot of accessories and bits and pieces picked up at French flea markets. I swear by Adri for underwear and I buy quite a few organic cotton basics from Monoprix and occasionally DPAM. I love VDJ and La Princesse au petit pois and have recently fallen in love with the work of small independent designers like Mady Dooijes and Sardine a Rio. Chinny Chin Chin make a nice pair of bloomers and of course Wovenplay is a dream come true!

Your favorite adult’s brands

We moved out into the French countryside two years ago and our lifestyle has changed dramatically. We walk to school (there and back four times a day, Savannah’s allergic to dairy food and comes home for lunch) so I live in jeans/linen trousers, a black (my favourite colour) T-shirt and espadrilles most of the week. I love dressing up though, and like many a Brit, I mix-n’-match vintage jackets, tops and accessories (which I’m good at finding!) with basics from shops like the ever-reliable Monoprix. I love linen and like clothes to move and hang well. VDC, Pip-Squeak Chapeau, Makie and Armand Ventilo are my favourite adult brands.

Your favorite children’s stores

Serendipityin Paris and Hamleys toy store when I’m in London because I used to love going there as a child. I’d also like to mention the Emmaus charity shop in Montpellier because my kids always, always find wonderful things there and have a great time looking!

Your favorite online destinations

As we live out in the country I buy the vast majority of my childrens’ toys and books online.I love Bianca and Family, LFG, Lillibulle, Madame La Marchande and Mes Habits Cheris. I spend a lot of time on the internet working for my blog and find new things for children everyday. I like to buy unusual, original toys and artwork from places like etsy and notonthehighstreet and shop a lot at Tata Online. Nature et Decouvertes is a good place to look too

The criteria you consider when you buy something for child

Quality & comfort. We live in the country now. I want my children to feel free and at ease in their clothes, they run around, climb trees and spend a lot of time in the garden. Good quality clothes withstand the test of time and my kids’ dam and hut-building activities!

Most expensive item you bought for your child

I used to dress Savannah in outfits from La Princesse au petit pois in Montpellier when she was little. She always looked adorable! Alexandra makes beautiful hats and clothes for children and her shop is a must-see if you’re ever in Montpellier

An item that is hard to find

Shoes! Savannah has my narrow feet and it’s a nightmare finding really nice slim-fitting shoes for both of us

Favorite piece in her/his wardrobe

Savannah has spent much of the Summer in vintage French petticoats, bloomers and camisole tops found at local flea markets. It’s her style, so I think those are my favourite pieces in her wardrobe at the moment

Where did you go for the summer holidays

We’re very lucky living in the South of France, there’s so much to do and see here. We don’t really need or want to go anywhere else in the Summer. We do try to go to England at least once a year to see my family, however. We went to stay with my sister in West Yorkshire in August. Our kids love it there

DPAM, Monoprix, VDJ,La Princesse au petit pois,Adri,Mady Dooijes, Sardine à Rio, Chinny Chin Chin, Wovenplay, VDC, Pip-Squeak Chapeau, Makié ,Armand Ventilo ,Serendipity, Hamleys, Bianca and Family, LFG style=”font-family: Arial; color: black;”>, Lillibulle, Madame La Marchande, Mes Habits Chéris, Tate Online,Natures et Découvertes