Ruby has a passion for dogs, so walking Rufus, her big sheep dog is the best thing in life.  She would even turn herself into a dog, if she had a magic wand! Her mother Kate Pietrasik is the owner & founder of Tootsa MacGinty.


What is your big dream? To live with lots of animals.

Do you have special powers? Yes,Walking on snow. I went skiing in the mountains where my daddy lives.
I saw mountains for the first time and skiing on all the snow felt like magic.

Who is the strongest person in the world? ME!

What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to help animals

Who do you admire? Kodi, the dog that lives downstairs. Because he is a beautiful dog.

What is the best thing in life? Walking Rufus my big sheep dog.

Are you scared of anything? NO! nothing

What makes you laugh? Kasey my cousin

Do you have a joke to tell? Why did the cow go to the cinema? Because he wanted to watch a mooovie!

Your favourite films? Toy story 1 & 3

Your favourite Books? The Gruffalo

Favourite Apps? All the Toca Boca Apps

The best holidays you ever had? Going to Edinburgh to see Granny and my cousin.

The next item you would so dearly love to get? A toy “Jessie” (from Toy Story)

If you had a magic wand, what would you do with it right now? Make me into a dog.


Tootsa MacGinty Spring Summer 2013


A place you saw when you were a child, and that made its mark on you?  When I was very young (4-5 years old) we lived in Mozambique. My parents worked as a teacher and a midwife; helping others whilst really enjoying life has been a big goal for all of my family. This has always has a huge influence on me – choosing a career I really enjoy, creating products with a greater purpose and traveling and experiencing living in many different places.

The place you love near your home?
The John Madejski Garden in the central courtyard of the V&A. It’s wonderful that the museums in London are free and I am lucky enough to live only a 20 minute bus journey from the V&A; which means I can pop in just to enjoy a quick wander, a browse in the shop or a coffee in the garden and in Summer Ruby can have a paddle in the water feature! They hold themed events called “Friday Night Lates” on the last Friday of every month with workshops, a bar, DJ’s and a great atmosphere – We’ve been known to dance like loons to fantastic music in the main hall!

Where do you dream to go for your next family holiday? I would love to take Ruby to Australia. I’ve always thought what a fantastic country it’d be to be to experience as a child. We are real beach bums and so we would hang out with old friends on the beaches of Northern NSW where I lived for ten years.

The book on your bedside table? “Jodi Picoult – Harvesting the Heart” – about motherhood, beautifully written,“Tracy Thorn – Bedsit Disco Queen” – Tracy Thorns biography and “Steve Biddulph – Raising Girls”  – Non fiction book offering advice on how to counteract the worrying trend of sexualisation & gender stereotypes aimed at girls and install confidence in our daughters.

The children’s brands your cherish? Any brands that are really thinking about the child first and foremost – rather than emulating adult fashions or pushing gender specific products.

The children’s stores you love to visit and buy from? Fenwick on Bond Street is little talked about but a real gem! Their selection of children’s clothing, toys, décor and accessories is fabulous. The staff are fantastic, friendly and helpful and the shop is just a real pleasure to visit. I like to browse in gallery and museum shops, The Conran shop, Scandium, Little Liberty, Bonpoint, Bonton, Petit Bateau and Caramel Baby & Child.

Last thing you bought for your child? Yesterday – A tub of frozen yogurt with blueberries, passionfruit and Oreo cookies from “Snog”. It’s our post swimming ritual!

Favourite pieces in your child’s wardrobe? My poor child’s wardrobe is full of Tootsa MacGinty prototypes!! – trial and error items from my factories that are slightly too short, too long, wrong colour or cancelled styles – At least they’re unique!

The online destinations that inspire you? Lots and lots of Pinterest & TwitterLeastlittlething , Kottke and the Thecoolhunter.

What are your main current concerns? One of my biggest concerns and the reason for beginning Tootsa MacGinty, is the extent with which we are genderising & sexualising products for children. Childhood should be free from restrictions and we ought to be encouraging individuality not stereotypes.

Something that made you laugh out loudly recently? My daughter makes me laugh out loud every day without fail. Her dance moves are a thing to behold, this morning’s session had us both laughing out loud!