Chinese photographer Qi Hong  was born in Lhasa, Tibet in 1962. His work is currently on show in Versailles (France) ), a solo exhibition organised by the association Art Latitude, which supports cultural exchanges between France and China.

“The series shows the people of China confronting a changing world where everyone is seeking a place for themselves, a grayish present where the traces of the past are distinctly visible, like these opera figures, or those reading a book strangely reminiscent of Mao Zedong’s little red one written in the 1960s, or those blindfolded with red ribbons. One wonders if this is merely a game, or some sort of disturbing allegory? Is the Chinese citizen now recovering his sight, or does he remain blind and disoriented? However one interprets it, Qi Hong seems to be confronting one of the great evils of contemporary Chinese society: the gradual erosion of tradition. But far from holding up only a damning vision of days to come, his take on youth and childhood offers a hopeful glimpse of a more colorful future.” writes Marine Cabos in Le Journal de la Photographie.

Qi Hong
From April 11th to May 11th, 2013
L’Eclat de Verre
10 rue André Chénier
78000 Versailles
+33 (0)1 30 83 27 70