Victor is almost 6-and-a-half, a born Berliner, grown-up New Yorker and new Zuricher – but for the Worldcup his favorite team will be Spain! He has

moved from Manhattan to Switzerland in August 2009 with his older brother Vincent and his parents. Victor loves New York but also really likes his new international school near Lake Zurich, as he enjoys the outdoors a whole lot.

Victor What do you want to be when you grow up? I want to work at FIFA and also be a Soccer player Your favorite famous person Michael Jackson and Torres Your favorite book Curious George Favorite film Kung Fu Panda Favorite place for the holidays Seabreeze in Westhampton A city that you dream to visit Chicago, where my friend moves Who choses your clothes in the morning My mum. But not on the weekend Favorite color Like a greenish-bluish green and blue Favorite brands What is a brand? The piece you like the most in your closet My soccer outfits and my cool T-Shirt with a huge V on it Next item you would love to get The sneakers that I do not need to tie (Convers slip ons!)


Claudia Your favorite children’s brands CdeC, Zara Kids, Petit Bateau, BuzzBuzzTweetTweet, Cosilana (for winter silk/wool underwear), Crewcuts byJCrew Favorite adult’s brands DVF, Julie Park, Catherine Malandrino, Marlene Birger, Hugo Boss, Utzon, Acne, JCrew Favorite children’s stores Pastorini in Zurich, Yoyamart and Enchanted in NYC, Liebling Berlin and Emma 6 Co. in Berlin What type of online consumer are you? I am an occasional online shopper, because the feel and touch of books in a book shop, fabrics in a store etc, is unbeatable, but if we find out that the Wellis have gotten too small, they are express ordered immediately – no sentimentality here! The most expensive item you bought for Victor Oh dear, the poor second child grows up in hand-me-downs from his older brother. Actually I bought him a beautiful wool/tweed coat and a set of hand-knitted gloves, a hat and scarf, handmade by a Russian wool-designer in Brooklyn, forgot her brand. The criteria you consider when you buy something for your child So far, it has been easy to buy clothes for Victor. I like simple designs, good quality and healthy materials. Recently he stubbornly favors polyester sport outfits. I assume every boy’s mother goes through these phases. An item that is hard to find Shoes that appeal to a boy’s “sports taste” and running needs, with a cool design that appeals to the mother and sturdy but chic material. The outfit you really enjoy to see Victor in Simple Khaki linen Bermudas and a light bue gingham shirt, his CdeC pyjamas. The book on your bedside table I am just about to finish the Millenium Trilogy and parallel I always read something educational, right now it is an anthroposophical book on puberty … Where will you spend your summer holidays Since we have just moved to Zurich we can’t wait to spend our summer in our house in Westhampton on Long Island, then a week in Berlin

CdeC, Zara Kids, Petit Bateau, BuzzBuzzTweetTweet, Cosilana, Crewcuts byJCrew, Pastorini, Yoyamart, Enchanted, Liebling, Emma 6 Co.