Violette Sears is a New Yorker, and a sister of two brothers. She speaks French, English, Spanish and she is in Chinese immersion school since last year. Nathalie her mother is a consultant in strategy and global expansion for luxury fashion brands (after running networks for Armani, Christian Dior…).


What do you want to be when you grow up I want to be a “fashion girl”
Your favorite famous person Curious George.  He is so funny !
What makes you laugh When my father tickles me and my brother makes funny faces
What makes you sad I am really sad when I can’t find my “cancake”, (her “Doudou” softly named Pancake as he is really flat)
Your favorite book “We are going on a bear hunt”.   She recites the rhymes “We are not afraid of anything….  Life is beautiful”
Your favorite film I love ” le Voyage de Chihiro”
Your favorite animal My puppy dog “Luna” ( this is the neighborhood dog LOL)
Your most memorable holiday When we went to Nicaragua and we stayed on the beach with my friends and my brothers
A country that you would love to visit China because they have lots of toys in the factories !!!!
Who chooses your clothes in the morning I pick my princess dresses in the morning and sometimes my mom changes it…
Your favorite outfit I love my “mermaid” dress (a beautifully simple Mor mor rita long BOBO looking dress. We have it in beige and black)
The next item you would love to get I want gold shoes with a bow


Your favorite children’s brands I love Mor mor rita, so simple yet so beautiful, Crewcuts (easy but also poetic), Bonton for the simple cuts and easy mixes, Talc for the cute little dresses, Akiko and Atsuyo for the accessories and the tee shirts
Your favorite Children’s stores I love Pomme in Dumbo for the perfect French touch, Serendipity in Paris for the unexpected and Bonton in Paris for the staples
What you buy online for your children I buy lots of books, videos and other things on Amazon. We are avid readers. I also love Little Fashion Gallery, Smallable, J Crew What you see is what you get
What criteria do you consider when you buy clothes for your children I like to buy things that make a statement but that are also easy to wear.  We travel extensively and it needs to be easy
The most precious item that you bought for Violette A small Tibetan goat vest from Bonpoint. I had a similar one when I was a child.  I saw it and I had to have it…a complete “coup de folie”
Things that are hard to find Little accessories are hard to find…. I wish I could find more necklaces, brooches.  Ms V. loves to wear black. It would be fun to find nice fun brooches for her
Your favorite piece from Violette’s wardrobe It is hard to decide on a favorite piece.  We travel a lot and I buy everywhere. Looking at every piece is like an invitation to travel and going back ….
Where are you going for the summer holidays Summer is busy. I am opening a few stores for a fashion brand in Europe and the Middle East. After spending time with my family in the South of France, Italy and Spain, the children will join me for a trip to Istanbul, Israel and Jordan.  The highlight of the trip is however: Lebanon with Beyrouth.  We are travelling down “Memory Lane”.  My great grand mother was ” kidnapped” as a young girl by my great grand father who brought her to France where they married and I guess … live happily ever after.  The children are fascinated by the story

Mor mor rita, Bonton, Talc, Crewcuts by J.Crew, Atsuyo et Akiko, Bonpoint, Little Fashion Gallery, Pomme, Smallable, Serendipity