Zoe, 8 years old, is a true Parisian: stylish, with a strong opinion about what she likes. She has a half brother and a half sister on her father’s side. Her mother, Marion Leflour, is chief editor of fashion web magazine Pure Trend and co-founder of children’s brand Ce Que Je voeu.

What you want to do when you grow up  
A drawing artist
Your favorite famous person (real or fiction)
Lio (French pop singer famous in the 80’s)
Favorite book 
The Winx
Favorite films 
Raising Helen, with Kate Hudson
Favorite place for holidays 
Marseille where my father lives
A city that you would dream to visit 
New York!
Who chooses your clothes in the morning
Mummy. And at my father’s place, I do it myself, the result is often funny.
Your favorite color
Pale blue
Favorite brands
Isabel Marant and Finger in the nose
The piece your like the most from your wardrobe
My dress… any dress
The next item you would like to get
A dress!
Favorite children’s brands
Finger in the nose, Maan, Le vestiaire de Jeanne, that I mix with H&M funky pieces, Monoprix, and DPAM for shoes.
Favorite children’s stores
Bonton in Paris is really cool but Zoe is about to be too old for me to shop there; Happy garden has nice things and a cut concept. And I love Yoyamart in New York, particularly for its incredible and weird objects from Japan and from all over the world. In fact, I miss a really funky place…
Your favorite adult’s brands 
Ann Demeulemeester, Isabel Marant, H&M, Rick Owens, ACNE, Les prairies de Paris…Looking forward to the sales! 
Favorite online stores
Not really, anything is really accessible in Paris, but Little Fashion Gallery has the cutest choice.
Criteria you consider when you buy something for child
Fit, style and price
Most expensive item you bought for your child
I buy almost everything on sale, but the piece I bought without thinking twice was her schoolbag “Baker made with love”, with a great old school style and apple green color.
Favorite piece in her wardrobe
A black “perfecto” style jacket from Finger in the nose, in coated cotton. Such an incredible “degaine” (look in French)!
An item that is hard to find
Socks. And cool shoes with the right price
Brands you like for yourself
I also like to mix brands for myself : Joseph, Etro, Miyake, Prada, Christian Lacroix, Donna Karan, Jil Sander
Your favorite places for the summer holidays
We will be in south fo France this year, in Bormes les mimosas, then in Formentera (Balearic islands, Spain)… I can’t wait!

Happy Garden, Finger in the nose, Isabel Marant, Maan, Le vestiaire de Jeanne, DPAM, Little Fashion Gallery, Bonton, YoyaMart.