In the world of kid’s fashion Tia Cibani’s collections shine bright – creative, colourful and packed full of character. Continuously delivering a beautiful standout kaleidoscope mix of textures, details and shapes. We take a look at the latest AW20 collection from Tia Cibani.

Tia Cibani AW20 collection

West Africa’s rich culture, the contemporary artist Atta Kwami of Ghana and the Herero tribe of Namibia form the inspiration for the Tia Cibani AW20 collection.

Expressive and alluring tones set the stage. The deep dark hue of ‘Indigo’ blue and the tropical shade of ‘Acacia’ green ground the palette while the playful candy colors of ‘Ginger’ yellow, baby blue ‘Pigeon’ and icing pink ‘Flamingo’ hint at an Indian summer vibe. Bright pops of fiery orange ‘Mango’ and blood red ‘Ruby’ delight the senses as accent shades hidden within prints and trimmings. ‘Opal’ cream and ‘Elephant’ grey both neutralize, and calm the palette giving it a sophisticated rendering.

Taking inspiration from the traditional patchwork techniques and wax prints of West Africa, and the woven Kente cloth of Ghana the Fall/Winter 2020 collection is abundant with pattern. Atta Canvas is a take on the artist’s larger than life contemporary flag like paintings applied to a silk & wool twill. Salome Patchwork is a mash up of traditional wax print swirls and abstract graphics playfully exaggerated on a paper touch cotton poplin, and Kente Jacquard is a micro basket weave cloth that is luxurious to the touch.

The collection gives a nod to the traditional West African dance of the Sufi tribe. Ruffles, godets, crushed pleats, full circle skirts, tiers and butterfly sleeves will inspire twirling Whirling Dervish style.
From dresses and skirts to coats, you can easily find a favorite for you to twirl in for days on end…

Tia Cibani AW20 SALOME

Atta Canvas Tia Cibani

Tia Cibani AW20

Tia Cibani AW20 collection


Tia Cibani AW20 collection


The collection is available now at and various stockists worldwide!

Photography: Amanda Pratt
Styling: Michel Onofrio
HMU: Vivi Lapidus
Set Design:Maude Harold
Video Editor:Catarina Jordan