This small and lovely collection has been created in exclusivity by Rachel Faucett for Anthropology.

Rachel is the author of addictive blog Handmade Charlotte and a mother of five. How she can achieve all this, I am not sure and Rachel doesn’t have an explanation either. Natural efficiency and boosted energy I guess…

“I made up this fictional story about a little girl. Her mother is a semi novice antique dealer who sets up at the local markets. She travels abroad a few times a year. She travels with her mom, only carrying  Buffalo Nickels. She wears Indian Head Pieces and collects vintage buttons that her mother sews on her Beret.  The story goes on. But I wanted this to feel vintage…and very special…one of a kind…I made every piece in my home with 2 woman. We were sewing  all summer!”.

The Little Plume Coat has 27 pieces. Hand pressed buttons, handmade Peacock.

Little Plume Coat, Merry Mount Dress, Love Letter Bloomers, Love Letter Dress soon available at