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On December 1st, WGSN’s Kidswear team published its top 20 kidswear-related blogs. “There are a vast number of inspirational blogs for the kidswear market. But each of WGSN’s featured kidswear blogs provides a more focused view and insight into current trends for kids’ apparel, product and lifestyle. The Kidswear team chose blogs that offer clarity, a fresh perspective and effectively communicate and inspire“. The listed names included : for Fashion&Design Brothers Trimm, Quirky Collective, Little Scandinavian, Smudgettika, Planet Awsome Kids, Little Fashion Blog, Pirouette (Thanks WGSN!) – for Lifestyle Kenziepoo, Bambino Goodies, Bloesem Kids, Child Mode, Minor Details, Ohdeedoh, Babyccino – for Crafts&Design Handmade Charlotte, Kickan&Conkers, Vintage for Kids, Ribambelles&Ribambins, Giddy Giddy, Fine Little Day.

This WGSN list gave me the occasion to discover a couple of blogs including Planet Awesome Kid which I found very lively, fun and well made. Julia Samersova Adler the founder lives in New York. In what she calls “her REAL life”, Julia is a Casting Director and the mother of Violet Faye, 2 years old. Julia tells us how she started her blog and also plays the Pirouette question game. I let you discover her talent for neologisms!


I started my company cast inc in 2005, after 12 years of being a model agent in NYC.  In 2009, I gave birth to my daughter, Violet. In October of 2009, after many afternoons  roaming the streets of NYC with my new baby girl, I realized that there was a kiddie style revolution going on right before my eyes. I asked my photographer husband, Andrew Adler, to go out on the streets with me every day and photograph and try to capture all these amazingly dressed and awesome kids. It was essentially the kids version of the Sartorialist. I wanted to expand beyond NYC, and included a “Submit Your Awesome Kid” section on the site and literally got thousands of submissions from around the globe! It was a real-time, of the moment way to see what kids around the world are wearing. It’s been hugely successful and most important, interesting to me.

Our greatest achievement as a website was putting together an event last March to raise awareness and money for GLOBAL ACTION FOR CHILDREN, an amazing organization.   We pulled every favor from every person we ever met and put on one of the coolest kids events in NYC history!  People ask us every day when we will have another event.  It was the hardest I have ever worked on anything but so immensely gratifying and fun!  It was truly an A-ha! moment for me in my life.  I learned that I am capable of much more than I ever dreamed of.  It was awesome!


How would you describe your personal style Organically Fabulous!   I’m a hippie on the inside and a glamorous child of the 80’s on the outside J I like the term Gypset!

What inspires you at the moment Of course, my child because she is literally the future.  Also, Vogue Paris, Milk Magazine, and the entire movement of powerful women bloggers.  I like to call them Momoguls.

Which living person do you most admire and why My mother.  A woman who immigrated to the US in the 1970’s from the Soviet Union, as a single mom and raised a kick ass strong daughter.  Thanks Mamma!

Your favorite city in the world NYC, because its home and yet so mysterious.

Your perfect Sunday You are looking at it!  A busy day with friends and family and food and a chance to blog at midnight J

Your favorite magazines related to children Milk!  No question!

Your favorite bedtime reading with the kids Anything by Dr Seuss

Your favorite possession in your home My photographs are priceless to me

Last item added to your child’s wardrobe Tory Burch Puffer Jacket and Crewcuts Dress

The book on your bedside tableEmotional Life of the Toddler by Alicia F. Lieberman, because you know…I am trying to figure out all the craziness

The music in your iPod A lot of hip hop, new wave, 80’s pop

Favorite stores Crewcuts, Yoya, Babesta, Sweet William, Whole Foods, Zara. I know I love all the little boutiques in Paris, but I can’t recall the names now…

Favorite museum/ art gallery Museum of Natural History

Your favorite place for family holidays Home, New York City

What do you prize most in life Health, family, friends, time to myself, and my Cartier Love Bracelet that my husband gave me for Valentines Day as a surprise