“Behind the scene” is a lovely video showing the making of Marie-Chantal‘ Fall/Winter 13 catalog by photographer Julia Bostock. It features gorgeous happy kids and lots of fun. An occasion to have a chat with Marie-Chantal about travel, business and of course children’s clothing. Marie-Chantal





What are your favourite transitional pieces from Summer to Winter from the MC collection?

Our never out of stock gift items are adorable and the perfect gift at any time of the year. I am also very excited about our new S/S14 outerwear collection for both Boys and Girls as the styles are fun and very on trend for next season. The whole collection is just “trop mignon” and if I had a little girl of 6 she’d be dressed in Marie-Chantal from head to toe.

Where did you and the family go on holiday this summer?

We were in Greece where the colour of the sea is just incredible; my favourite type of holiday is by the sea with the family. Good food and friends, that’s what matters!

Marie-Chantal and children in Grece



Do you travel frequently for the business and if so where?

I recently was in Hawaii on business at the launch of DFS T Galleria in Honolulu. I am a board director so travelling far and large is quite frequent, as the business is pretty much all over the world.

Which Trade Fairs did you attend this year and how did you find them?

I have been doing Pitti Bimbo for about ten years now and for the first time last June we did Playtime Paris, which both proved to be very successful as it gave us an opportunity to meet new customers and existing ones…

MC in Hawaii

When do you start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

I am already looking at how to decorate the tree and I usually give it a theme! Two years ago I spray painted old used toys in gold and decorated the tree and made wreaths as well…

What is your favourite part at Marie-Chantal? 

I’m a creative and have a curious mind, so I love getting involved in everything. I want to know what’s up, what’s new, what fits, what doesn’t , how it looks, how it feels and how it sells..

How many people work for the brand?

I have a new CEO, Joanna Binder, who started about 12 months ago, she’s been great at putting a very strong team together of about 25.

How many stockists worldwide?

We have over 120 stockists in 20 countries and 5 retail stores.