Brand : Dandy Star

Website :

Date of creation : 2005

Country of origin : U.K

Country (ies) of production : UK, Portugal,Turkey

Name of owner/founder(s) : Charlotte Day

Number of employees : 4

Product categories: T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Dresses, Knitwear, Cards, Cushions, Mugs and tea towels, Rugs, Lights, Bags and badges.

Number of sales points : between 50 – 80, including  Iris- London, Petit Aime- London, Bonton – Paris.

In how many countries is the brand present? 10 – 15 Europe and Worldwide.

Own e-store ? Yes. Created 2005

Own store (brick and mortar) ? No

Company statement or tag line : With our love for colour, vintage, glam and Americana, we choose vibrant, striking palette coupled with bold, optimistic design to favour both boys and girls.

‘House of Dandy’ carries the same ethos to our home and gift collection.

The essence of Dandy is a vamp glam sparkle, glitter and fluoro highs,

Made for the love of dressing up.

What makes the brand unique / stand out? : Optimistic and charming designs on a beautiful palette, made with attention to detail and quality.

A quote from a client or journalist? : “A lady came up to me at a show recently holding up one of the original Love t-shirts, I thought she was going to complain, but she said that all her four children had worn and loved the t-shirt – it was almost diaphanous but still looked fab! That was a lovely moment for me and makes all the hard work worthwhile. I know lots of kids and mums who tell me that my t-shirts are their favourite; they have to wash them overnight so that they can be worn the next day.”

How many pieces per collection : The number of designs vary and Dandy Star  ‘classics’ are carried from season to season following popular demand. The House of Dandy regularly adds new and lovely lines.

Main materials used : 100% Dandy Cotton especially developed to replicate the t-shirts we loved as kids. Our sweats are organic. We try where possible to use sources and makes in the UK.

Your trade show planning for next season? Bubble London, Top Drawer London,The rebel show London, Manchester.

Plans for the future  We are looking to get an agents in Australia and the USA, we have just taken a Japanese agent. Pop up space in Selfridges in February 2014 is booked.

Name of the photographer for the image sent : Christina Dalziel


Dandy Star


Dandy Star