In 2002, Rei Kawakubo declared “red is the new black“. The last 8 years have shown that the visionary designer of Comme des Garcons was right. Today red is still invading our closets and homes. But there are a fair amount of red shades, the new Tom Dixon, “fluoro”, is the right tone, the one that really talks and generates fatal attraction, total addiction.

Speaking of Tom Dixon, I am just back from the designer’s head quarters in London, where him and two other famous designers, Marcel Wanders and Piet Hein Eek gave a very interesting lecture on Design. I am not going to give a full report here, but what I think was particularly relevant to other industries (particularly for fashion), is that they spoke about the importance, for a designer, to communicate on its own products. Don’t wait for producers, distributors or press to knock at the door, be pro-active. It is now a lot easier than it used to be.