8 years old Hannah Gunzig and mother Sabrina Palmisano from Belgium are our guest for a short interview today. Hannah speaks both French and Italian, and Sabrina, former jurist, is a stylist and the owner of a beautiful children’s store called Boucle d’or, in Brussels.



Sabrina Palmisano




What do you want to be when you grow up? Actress and writer

Your favorite famous person? Edward from Twilight

Your favorite book? Le petit Nicolas

Your favorite films? Twilight, Grease& Little miss sunshine

Your favorite place? for holidays San Francisco & Los Angeles

A city that you would dream to visit? New York

Who chooses your clothes in the morning? My mother

What is your favorite color? Green

Your favorite brand? Finger in the nose

The piece your like the most from your wardrobe? My Muchacha black dress with apples printed on it and my Finger in the nose denim shorts

The next item you would like to get? The “Stockholm” doll house by Lundby (that’s a mention from my mom!!!)


Your favorite children’s brands? Simple Kids, Aymara (lthe winter knits are to dye for!), Talc, RitacoRita, Hartford, Muchacha

Your favorite adult’s brands? Isabel Marant, Dries van Noten, APC, H&M

Your favorite children’s stores? Pomme (NYC), Couverture (London), Bonpoint (Rue de Tournon, Paris), Talc (Paris)

What are the criteria you consider when you buy something for child Fabrics? cut and colors

Most expensive item you bought for your child? A pair of lezard shoes from Pepe

An item that is hard to find? Nice trench/coats for spring/ summer

Favorite piece in Hannah’s wardrobe? A pale blue pair of jeans by Finger in the nose, a Stella Mac Cartney for Gap (S/S2010 collection) peach blouse, a Marni dress and all her Pepe shoes.

Where  you hang out for the summer holidays? St Raphaël (France) and Tuscany (Italy)


Simple Kids, Aymara, Talc, RitacoRita, Hartford, Muchacha, Pepe, Finger in the nose, Marni, Stella Mc Cartney for Gap, Pomme, Bonpoint, Couverture.