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Paulina lives in New York; her mother Claudia is the correspondent for German ART magazine and creator of a new Baby-Care-DVD “Baby´s Home What Now?”that she introduced at Playtime New York last August.


What do you want to be when you grow up The first time my daddy asked me I wanted to be an umbrella, which is really silly. Now I want to be a big sister

What is your favorite famous person Princess Lillifee. My mom and my Omis (my grandmothers) got me a lot of Lillifee CD´s from Germany and I listen to them every day. Lillifee is a princess-fairy and she helps all her friends

What makes you happy Being at the beach

What makes you angry When I need to brush my teeth

Your favorite book Wave (by Suzy Lee) about a little girl playing with the waves

Your favorite film The Jungle Book with Mowgli and Baloo the Bear

Your favorite animal Lulu, my uncle Harry´s dog and the baby elephant in the zoo in Hamburg

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Mommy and I do it together

What is the piece you like the most from your wardrobe I love all my dresses and that they swing around when I am dancing

What is the next item you would like to get Pink sneakers, ballerina flats that make a clacking sound when I am walking



Your favorite children’s brands Bonpoint, Pink Chicken, Sailor Rose, Baby Bean, J Crew Kids

Do you buy a lot online for your children I unfortunately do, I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon. Books, the new bike helmet, the scooter…

What are the criteria you consider when you buy something for Paulina I like styles that are comfortable and childlike. I am not the biggest fan of outfits that make kids look like little grown-ups who love to follow every trend

Most precious item you bought for your child A vintage dark-blue coat

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Self-made Christmas calendar with a tiny gift for every day in December until Christmas Day

Items that you find hard to find Shoes that are childlike but still stylish and that do not have tons of glitter on it!

Favorite pieces in Paulina’s wardrobe The simple Pink Chicken cotton-dresses. Paulina wears them forever and in every season. With or without a t-shirt underneath. When they get a bit shorter they still look great with leggings

What travel plans do you have? We just got back from a trip to Germany to see our families – now we are ready for a vacation!


Bonpoint, Pink Chicken, Sailor Rose, Baby Bean, J Crew Kids