It’ so easy to get lost amongst all the images on Instagram but some times like a rabbit in headlights an image commands your attention. This beautiful Rabbit head piece did exactly that, it’s produced by Spanish label Frida’s Tierchen. Maria the designer, prefers to practise artisan manufacturing, making each doll, mask or head piece one by one using natural fibres, cotton and wool felt. The label is a small family run enterprise founded in order to offer beautiful quality accessories for children that encourages the child to use their imagination in play.

Maria Salamanca tell us a little bit more…

The story of Frida’s Tierchen began in 2007 in Barcelona with the birth of my daughter Frida. Maternity is for many women a transformational experience and in my case it also changed my professional path, giving life to this adventure. With a background in fine arts, and photography, turning my view on the infants’ world was a big discovery. I realised that many of the toys on the market tend towards a strident and hyper-stimulating design, often with a poor quality. This is how I started dreaming and creating the dolls that would accompany Frida during her childhood, giving priority to the quality of the materials and the design as a value.

Living with Frida is a continuous spring of inspiration. As she grows her playing needs change, and I try to find the best solution for each stage. Being conscious of the importance of play for her development I take special care of the designs that are simple and leave space for the unfolding of creativity and imagination. From these means have come into existence one by one Frida’s Tierchens’ dolls, animals and compliments. Created initially for my relatives and friends they have been giving life to this project that is growing day by day, toy by toy, detail by detail.






Maria Salamanca designer & creator

Photos by Thomas Moke 

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