Reebok high tops were a classic staple in my house as a child. Slim fitting with ankle support the Reebok high top was hugely appreciated by this lanky narrow footed child. Plus they added that extra cool to the BMX biking look that I was carefully cultivating at the time. So news of Barcelona based children’s clothing label The Animals Observatory collaborating with Reebok Classics on some sneakers was rather exciting. Laia Aguilar adds her clear and covetable design signature with a distinct rich colour palette and cool child friendly vibe to these much loved Reebok classics.

We have a brief chat with the designer and co-founder of The Animals Observatory Laia Aguilar about the collaboration ahead of the launch on 1 December.


Laia Aguilar The Animals Observatory
Laia Aguilar Designer/Co-founder The Animals Observatory


Congratulations, so how did the collaboration come about? It all started at the beginning of 2017 when Reebok contacted us with a proposal to work together.

When you received the green light, did you know instantly where you wanted to take the project?
Yes, on the one hand, I wanted to design something that was authentically The Animals Observatory in terms of colour combinations and on the other hand, develop a model that represented the Reebok brand.

Please name some of the references and influences you pulled upon for the collaboration?
I see the designs as being representative of both brands’ DNA. Reebok gave us total freedom as well. It was a privilege; an unexpected and wonderful gift.

How much influence does your family, husband & children have on your designs?
They are a constant source of inspiration. For me, family is the most important thing in the world, and inspiration is evoked by true love, there’s no doubt about it.

How long did the process from collaboration confirmation to final designs take?
We have been working on the project since 2017. It’s a long process, with meetings taking place between Barcelona and New York.

What do you take away personally from the collaboration?
The pleasure of having collaborated with a brand that I wore as a girl and that I have always liked.

It’s so terrible to have favourites, but which design would you commission in your size? ;-)
I can’t divulge that, I’m sorry. Each one of the models expresses something different and are equally significant to me.

Are there future plans for the collab?
Of course there are plans! Firstly, we will we be celebrating the start of our friendship with a launch event in London next week. And we are already working on something very special for 2019, just wait and see!

When does the collaboration launch?
The pieces will be available from 1st of December.

Where can we buy them?
Through and and in selected stores worldwide!


Reebok v The Animals Observatory - high tops

Reebok v The Animals Observatory


Reebok Classic x The Animals Observatory


Reebok Classic x The Animals Observatory

The Animals Observatory x Reebok Classic


Look out for Reebok Classics x The Animals Observatory London event today (28 Nov) on social media!

The sneakers range from €50-70
Available from and and in selected stores worldwide.