Petra Barkhof children’s fashion stylist & editor today releases her second edition of Scimparello Magazine. Going back in time to a very very hot August in NYC what a pleasure to share the Big Apple experience with Petra and gang.

We worked a lot, moaned about the heat a lot, laughed, danced and sang a lot. It’s all a balance. Petra tells us all about what she got up to this summer…

Scimparello heads to New York

So Petra, you have spent a good part of the summer in the US visiting New York and LA. What have you been up to, work or leisure? A wonderful combination of family vacation and work. My son Giacomo (25 years) moved to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) one year ago and we don’t see him often. He’s never been in the States.

We went to NYC for Playtime NY and two editorial shoots. One for the Italian magazine Style Piccoli and one for my new online magazine Scimparello with the fabulous photographer Molly Magnuson.

The last time you were in New York was quite a while back, did it live up to your memories? I first visited NY 20 years ago. I was fascinated by the differences in comparison to a European city. It felt like an American Movie it was miles ahead of everything. However, this time I had the complete opposite feeling. Good old Europe, you are so much further forward. There was too much traffic, it was too hot, very dirty and sooo expensive!

That said we loved visiting the MOMA Museum together, walking through Central Park and the breakfast from bakery Maison Kayser was super. Dancing the Tango at the Pier 45 and eating Korean BBQ made for wonderful memories!



Name 3 things you must do when in NY & 1 thing to avoid next time.


  1. Manhattan Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises A tip from a good friend, couldn’t do it but I think its a nice way to see the city.
  2. MOMA Museum
  3. Seaport District


  1. Don’t visit NY in August and don’t choose a hotel close to Times Square!

Scimparello in Los Angeles

After NYC, you headed off to LA with your husband and son, was that a big contrast to New York?  Yes, we stayed in a friends house in Venice, the temperature was perfect, the people more friendly and a real holiday feeling.

What’s going on in LA at the moment? We took it easy, no events, no museums, a very short visit downtown. The rest of the time was hanging out with friends, beach life and music. So I really don’t know what’s going on…sorry :-)



The food scene seems to have exploded in LA over recent years. Did you get stuck in?
Any recommendations?

  • Great place and good food at the Nomads Hotel (Downtown)
  • Gjusta (Venice) is an experience. We had breakfast in the garden seating area but they also have great takeaway food. Beside the restaurant, they have a little shop with cool things for the house and some great garments. I fell in love with a blue working jacket.

I saw that your son Giacomo took you for a surfing lesson. How did that go? This was so much fun! Giacomo surfed in Venice, Topanga and Malibu. I’m always impressed by surfers and their lifestyle. I thought it was too late for me to start surfing. Then a day in Malibu (with small waves) my son said “why you don’t try mom”.

Why not…I couldn’t stand up but I could lie on the board and keep balance:-) Amazing feeling!



What experiences will you take from your time in States? Every trip you live three times: when you dream, when you live and when you remember. Spending time with your adult children, enjoying life together is such a good feeling.

(Warning: obligatory Trump question) How did you feel they were coping with Trump? Nobody likes him…

American style… Any new finds on your travels? Aviator Nation for adults and kids. I bought a very expensive hoodie for Giacomo… he lost it in front of our house and somebody stole it :-(

Aviator Nation is a 1970’s inspired California lifestyle brand. Hand-made and perfectly distressed hoodies and sweatpants are what we do but their aim is to unite a tribe of passionate individuals who want to inspire the world. Nice!

Finally, NYC, LA or IBIZA? ;-) 
Ibiza for swimming in the mediterranean sea.


Scimparello magazine Petra Barkhof


The new Scimparello Magazine dedicated to travel is now online. You can view it here