Or rather batteries not required as The Flying Martha by Haptic lab is a flying toy powered by a single rubber band that flies by flapping, just like a real bird. This imaginative, interactive and captivating toy is the result of years of experimental tried and tested variations. Finally homing in on the perfect composition the Flying Martha was given life through a successful kickstarter campaign with the exciting ornithopter available to purchase mid April.

Emily Fischer, the founder of Brooklyn based design studio Haptic Lab, is the dreamer, engineer, and designer of the Flying Martha. Inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s and the Wright Brothers’ study of birds and the exploration of flight, Emily tested dozens of prototypes over the last 3 years in her quest to make the perfect toy flying bird. She made countless adjustments to the design to the hundredth of a millimeter and tenth of a gram to ensure the longest flight without compromising the aesthetic.

The Flying Martha by Haptic lab a flapping flying pigeon toy

To fly: Simply wind up the rubber band and gently release like a paper airplane. Tinker with your bird’s tail and discover how small adjustments change its flight.
Artisan production/ components: Each bird will be made by hand, by the kite artisans behind Haptic Lab’s flying animals collection (See Pirouette article here)  The kite makers use traditional kite building techniques with the lightest and most durable materials:
  • Frame: Bamboo, shaped by the warmth of a candle flame.
  • Wings and Tail: Mulberry paper, hand painted with a subtle feather like print.
  • Moving parts: Brass and steel wire.
  • Engine: Latex rubber band.
  • Each bird weighs 12.5 grams with a wingspan of 16”.
The name: The Flying Martha is named after the last passenger pigeon, Martha, held in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo until her death in 1914.  As a designer studio Haptic Lab aims to connect people to their physical environment, to one another, and to the planet as a whole. The Flying Martha celebrates the spirit of invention and discovery essential to humanity’s survival and to the survival of our planet.
The Artist Edition: Haptic lab also partnered with the woodblock print artist Nic Annette Miller to create a deluxe artist edition of the Flying Martha, printed in her gorgeous signature style using a letterpress.


The Flying Martha by Haptic lab a flapping flying pigeon toy, artist edition
#CoupeDeCoeur The Flying Martha will be available to purchase from the 16th of April  $42
The Flying Martha by Haptic lab. Flying pigeon toy in action
The Flying Martha by Haptic Lab. A flying pigeon toy powered by a rubber band
The wings and tail are crafted from mulberry paper, used in traditional kite-making for centuries.
The Flying Martha flying pigeon toy by Haptic lab
Multiple prototypes 2014 -2017

Haptic Lab