This is a very lucky day as Peggy from Paul&Paula sent us this wonderful RAINBOW product selection. Thanks a lot Peggy!


Red copy

Orange copy

Yellow copy

Green copy

Purple copy

Blue copy


“I am very excited to be here today and took some time to think about something nice I wanted to share on Pirouette. I am living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the last days have been awful. Grey skies, lots of rain, wind… just terrible. To cheer up our moods we paint rainbows…lots of beautiful, colourful and happy rainbows.This is when I thought… lets do a rainbow post! Something for everybody, boys, girls, babies, deco, play….and LOTS of colours. Hope you will like it!”. Peggy, Paul&Paula

Products available at Sweet William, Elias&Grace, Smallable, Karen Faulkner Original Art