The intrigue, the suspense, the tension! Drawing upon 60’s espionage style film The Small Gatsby have produced a short film “Youth Quake” to be released in full on the 8th of September to herald in their Aw17 collection. Here’s a little exclusive trailer to give you a taste of what’s to come. The eye acting is superb and we’re not sure if that’s the little barrister’s real hair, maybe a spy ? let’s see….



We love the 60s youths’ courage – the unwillingness to challenge patterns and themselves. It was this courage that inspired us to be courageous ourselves and quote a style that is so much younger than our usual inspirations, blend it with the Gatsby silhouette. We love to watch 60s series like “The Avengers”, “The Man from UNCLE”, “I dream of Jeannie”, “Batman” or their remakes, and contemporary movies that play upon that theme – like “The Boat That Rocked”. The boldness and fun is somethings kids enjoy as much as we do. And when we we thought about how to create the artwork, Teresa’s business history came in handy, as she has marketed movies before. So we decided to make a short movie to present this collection, and create all other artwork around it, spin it out like a major motion picture release. It was so much fun to do it all from this new perspective – the collection design, the accessories, the casting, the props, the location, the film crew, the announcement artwork, the interviews, the lookbook, which resembles a fashion and lifestyle magazine, and all the little details we created around it. They’ll be all on our Instagram to follow, watch out!

The Small Gatsby - Anita Dorner and Teresa ZimmermannAnita Dorner and  Teresa Zimmermann

The Small Gatsby –
Youth Quake released 8 September
AW17 collection already online – Look out for the Mia coat!