It’s no secret that we are big fans of the New York edition of Playtime. Playtime New York 15th edition was fun, friendly and colourful as was the greeting that met visitors at the entrance, with a fruity Haru stuck on design installation created by artist Aurelie Andres. Interestingly the Baltic states were well represented amongst the strong contingent of creative and sophisticated kid’s fashion and design on show. We take a look at some of the collections and products at the show.

Trade Show Report: Playtime New York ss18

The Baltic States – a hub for creative kids fashion

Unlable, Anchovy, Nikolia and Paade Mode… You couldn’t help but notice the Baltic contingency amongst the exhibitors. The Baltic states were not only a hub for textile and garment manufacturing historically but it seems they still have this capacity. This means young labels with the inclination to create ambitious designs also have the resources and skills on their doorstep to forge ahead into production. Judging from the creative and sophisticated collections exhibited here it’s an exciting time for Balkan designers.


Trade Show Report: Playtime New York ss18 Anchovy

Lithuanian label Anchovy was our Pirouette One to Watch Fashion winner at the show. Giedre the designer and label owner now resides in California but production for the collection stays firmly with tried and trusted manufacturers in her homeland.  The Anchovy stand presentation was especially eye catching at the show with an architecturally designed rail perfectly framing the circle dresses. It certainly made an impact on us and many visitors at the show.


Trade Show Report: Playtime New York ss18 Unlabel

Also hailing from Lithuania, Unlabel uses a soft natural colour palette and beautiful quality fabrics that create the sort of subtle collection that can sometimes get lost amongst the melee of collections at these trade shows. In fact, the labels gentle approach and the subtly sophisticated collection made a real impact that really stood out at the show. Such a beautiful collection for kids, and good news they also have a women’s line :-)

Other labels of note from the Balkans included: Paade Mode, Nikolia

Shoe Love!


Trade Show Report: Playtime New York ss18 Evffa

Trade Show Report: Playtime New York ss18 : handmade children's shoes by Evffa

The little handmade shoes from the Efvva ‘Biophillia’ collection for ss18 are incredibly detailed and absolutely gorgeous. Frills, cutouts, gold, green and bees…something special for ss18!


Trade Show Report: Playtime New York ss18 : handmade children's jute shoes by kiku

Brand new to the kid’s fashion market Kiku is a handmade shoe collection created with biodegradable fabrics, cotton, flax and jute. The little jute shoe was a favourite at the show.

A couple of favourite discoveries at the show


Trade Show Report: Playtime New York ss18 : acbc (advanced children basic clothes)

This is a really fresh collection for ss18. On some of the pieces, they use a fabric with a slight plastic lamination coating, difficult to explain but a cool detail nonetheless. Another firm favourite from the show.

 Marin + Morgan

Trade Show Report Playtime New York ss18 : Marin+Morgan

The Marin + Morgan collection was a lovely discovery at the show, an American label with European influences. The bold graphic prints really caught your attention, along with a beautiful humming bird sketch style print. A really lovely collection for ss18!


Lali, another American label provided a very pretty collection for ss18 with bohemian florals and frills. The little pouch bags were going down a storm with buyers.

Swimming Costumes from the show 

Jelly Fish print from Evffa, Matching caps with two piece Pacific Rainbow and costume colour palette Curumi Swim.

Making a stand

Blu Pony Vintage

Blu Pony Vintage created the most inviting stand presentation. Their use of fabrics and carpets made for a vintage boutique feel framing their collection and drawing in the visitors.

Infantium Victoria

Trade Show Report Playtime New York ss18 : Infantium Victoria

Infantium Victoria an interesting sustainable brand from Germany. Shame I don’t have a picture of the stand but they put a huge effort into making sure their stand was not only constructed from repurposed material but that it also enjoyed a life after the show.

A look at lifestyle products from the show


Organic cotton crib bedding that is child-like, but not childish is the designer’s aim, using nature as their guide, stingrays, seaweed and oysters. A lovely new range of swaddles, burp cloths, changing pads and Lewis bunnies.

Loopy Mango

Previous One to Watch winners Loopy Mango introduced some new products for at the show – a DIY chunky knit dog leash and pom pom key ring kit. Just need a dog to accompany the leash :-)


Ette Teteette tete

A family run business, from Latvia specialising in versatile children’s furniture to assist your little helper in the kitchen.


Pirouette One To Watch Winners Playtime New York

Pirouette One to Watch Winners Anchovy and Sticky Lemon were both exhibiting for the first time at the NY show. To read more about our #pirouette12watch winners at Playtime New York click here

Fashion: Anchovy

Anchovy Pirouette one to watch winners fashion

Trade Show Report Playtime New York ss18 : Anchovy

Design: Sticky Lemon 

Trade Show Report Playtime New York ss18 : Sticky Lemon

Trade Show Report Playtime New York ss18 : Sticky lemon

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Show Stats

Total number of visitors: 1958

Geographical breakdown

  • United States: 82,1%
  • Americas*: 9%
Asia: 3,9% *excluding United States
  • Europe: 3,6%
  • Middle East: 0,9%
  • Africa: 0,4%
  • Océania: 0,1%

Distribution By Day

  • Sunday Day1: 42,3%
  • Monday Day2: 33,5%
  • Tuesday Day3: 24,2%

Zoom USA

  • West Coast:9,1%
  • Center: 11,3%
  • East Coast:79,6%