Technology and social media are fun, but they can also be become a threat. When you take a photo with your smart phone post it on social media, you are just giving away your location when you . Do you really want that cute photo of your daughter posted on Instagram to reveal your address, your exact child’s bedroom location to anyone who wants to find out ?

We should not live in fear andover worry about mal-intended people, so it is highly beneficial to protect your beloved ones, and stay away from any bad scenario of theft or kidnaping (in other words, “believe in God but lock your door” as the Dalai Lama puts it).

When you take a photo with your mobile phone, your GPS location is automatically embedded into the photo. Anyone can then access your location (via satellite – GPS tracking) simply by right-clicking on the photo you emailed or posted on the Internet.

The easy solution is to disable your GPS location services on an iPhone  : Go to: Settings –> Location Services –> Camera – OFF

Check out this video that shows you exactly how this happens and why you should go to your phone preferences right away!