After New York, Zoe Adlersberg is taking us to Paris where she photographed Siv Tone Kverneland and her daughter Selma, 12 y old. A Norwegian who moved to 22 years ago,  Siv Tone is a fashion designer,  co-owner and art-director of children’s wear brand Finger in the nose.

With a strong passion for architecture, design and home decoration, Siv Tone started the company  JIPPI in 2013 with a group of friends. They sell and distribute Norwegian products for home decoration. In 2014 Siv Tone did her first job as a interior designer and she hopes to continue this year because she loved it. Her man, Nathan is a music producer, father of Gabriel (13 y) and Gaspard  (9 y).

Can you share memories of moments or situations you loved with your child?
Horse riding with Selma in Norway, in the woods on my parent’s property.
Swimming together  in a river in the Cevennes, South of France.
Sharing a meal of white toast with butter and hot chocolate for dinner (only allowed when the boys are out :) )

Your favorite Paris ideas and your secret places, for you and your child ?
Our secret place  is in the woods very close to Paris : Bois de Vincennes and La Cartoucherie where Selma is doing her horse riding.
Restaurant :  Selma discovered, very recently , Japanese Gyozas – and she loves it – we have a small Gyoza bar close to home so we go there to have quick dinner when we dont want to cook at home (GYOZA BAR , 38 Rue Saintonge, 75003 PARIS) Her favorite place for dessert is Poppelini (29, Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris).
Stores :  Close to home are our stores (FINGER IN THE NOSE – 60 Rue Saintonge, 75003 –  JIPPI store – 40 Rue de Blancs-Manteaux).

Your favorite family movie to see again and again
We are  3 “boys” and 2 “girls” in our family so not always easy to agree on ONE film. But  we have seen the French film INTOUCHABLES several times together.
The team of girls : My daughter and myself are more into horse films, romantic films and “classic “films  from the 80’s. We love The Black Stallion by Francis Ford Coppola since Selma is 5.
The boys are fans of James Bond, Batman, Spiderman but favorites are JANGO as for a recent films and STAR WARS of course.

Selma is…
Selma is kind, generous, shy, stubborn and funny sometimes.

A big dream (or a big plan or a big project…)
Travel for a year around the world with the kids. Design and Build our own house.

La vie en rose — la vie en rose means life being ideal, he rose-colored glasses moment when life is perfect
Friday night, after a stressful week, the 5 of us at home at the dinner table, discussing,laughing and  knowing that we don’t have to wake up early next morning and that we will spend the whole week-end together.

The internet to our family is…
Love and hate relationship. We are totally dependent due to work and the kids are totally dependent due to social networks and games.
We tried  short holidays with the kids without internet – not sure we will do it again …it’s easier to limit the access to just a few minutes a day than to eliminate it totally.

Best album to listen to as a family?
Impossible to say – we listen to a lot of different music and each of us have a personal taste. When we are together we  often go for some “easy” vintage  albums from Michael Jackson , Stevie Wonder , Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin ,  ACDC , etc.     Nathan is buying most of the new interesting albums coming out every month so we are also quite well updated on recent releases :)

Your best mothering moment?
Lats night when after 3 hours of desperate efforts I managed to compress the Power Point presentation that Selma was due to send before midnight to her technology teacher.
That THANK YOU MUM was so rewarding. So the best mothering moments are in our everyday life and sharing.

Your worst mothering moment?
Always the same  and very frequent, burned and tasteless meals :)

How do you balance motherhood and work?
It’s very easy for me as I have a husband who it very good with housekeeping and cooking in addition to his work as a producer. And we also have a fantastic nanny since Selma was small, who is still around from time to others.

Photography/art – favorite masters and why?
So many great things and so difficult to make a choice so I’m going for two rather “unknown” Norwegians artists :
Photography: Elisabeth Meyer ( 1899-1968 )
Art : Arne Lindaas  ( 1924-2011 ) Glasswork, carpets , painting,  sculpture etc… )

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere and any time. Obviously from my childhood in Norway but most of the time just from my everyday life in Paris. Music & concerts, films, friends, magazines, travels,  pinterest etc.

 A memory/image from your childhood
Running barefoot in the fields. I grew up on the country side close to Stavanger on the South West coast of Norway.