Cb canape cactus



Ouch! Cactus Canape by Cerruti Baleri, design Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman. In display during the Milan Furniture Fair – Exhibit “Transversal Design, Interware, Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman” at the Triennale. Photo by Andrea Martiradonna.




Ouch design cactus


Triple ouch! Via Paolo Rinaldi/Lineasette www.lineasette.eu

This one is particularly intriguing for children : “maman, is it for real”? A very good way to approach the notions of design, form, function, humour, surrealism…



Barbed wire


Barbed Wire, rug by Studio Job for www.nodusrug.it


Roots low


Roots, rug by Matali Crasset for www.nodusrug.it






Metamorphosis bookshelf, hand carved from baltic birch plywood. Design by Sebastian Errazuriz.