Kid-in is a new art and fashion online magazine or for parents and non-parents alike, who hold dearly some wide-ranging and eccentric views about childhood. “More than a magazine, Kid-in is a movement: an online art-gallery, a springboard for creativity, an exegesis of style and a courageous exploration of a subject heretofore handled with kid gloves”.

An impressive list of highly talented artists contribute to Kid-in, whose new stories (added bi-monthly) include fashion editorial, documentary, interviews and essays by creative people, interior design, arts and craft and much more.

Time for a little discussion with Alice Bertay, co-founder of this surprising magazine…

Alice and Kid-in

What is the essence of Kid-in?
Becoming  a parent, it caught up with me, the fact that you dont have to stop everything you loved before now that you have a child.. having a child not only inspired me creatively but also pushed me to create. The two roles merge with one another. You can be an artist and a parent.
Ironically, most of the contributors to the first issue of kid-in are all photographers and artists that actually do not have children (beside ami suma)… but it will be both people who have gone through the experience of parenthood and others who are reflecting on the idea of childhood and children.
What makes Kid-in unique?
Kid-In is designed as a magazine as well as an art  gallery. This magazine is embracing parents and non-parents- I do not want to be categorized as a kid magazine. it is about childhood, and some sections by children: poetry and drawing, we have an art and craft section coming up for children, but we will also have some article that may rethink your idea of children in today society and essays that are about the concepts of childhood, openness and creativity rather than literally about/for children. There are a lot of amazing magazines and sites for parents – I felt what was missing and what i was looking for was something that was aimed at me as a whole person: not just the parent in me. Something that my friends who are parents and those who arent could enjoy and contribute to equally.
How did you meet your collaborators and how did you start Kid-in?
I was discussing starting a clothing line with my best friend Stephanie Arpage, (which we are in the process of doing) as this project started germinating in my mind it came naturally that she would become my ally.
Larissa  Zaharuk was the second person I though of to collaborate with. She is smart, funny and when I proposed the project she immediately thought it was a great idea. This magazine so far is a real family affair; everyone that has contributed as photographer artist interviews etc, I have known for many years as both friends and colleagues. It seemed perfect that we would all work together on this as we have all grown together and gone through many of the same experiences.

Alice Likes

A movie that stayed with you?
 I am in love with the surrealists, I would say all  of  Luis Bunuel‘s movies in general.
The book on your bedside table; what you like about it?
Right now ‘The Way of the Tarot’, by Alejandro Jodrowsky, another of my favorite filmmakers.
An artist a photographer, a designer that recently caught your eye ? 
Because it is fashion week… I would say the last big impression I had is Miguel Adrover‘s show on Saturday night. I was so blown away by his new collection. You can tell that he has been thinking about it for a long time. What touches me his to see the work and the time  that has been put into his collection. It is quality over quantity and that is what I am trying to achieve with kid-in.  It’s really hard to achieve, but taking time is not a luxury but an essential to create good work.

Alice in New York

Where do you live in NY?
In Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York
The thing you like to do at the moment in NY?
Now that its winter the fleamarket and food stalls on the Williamsburg waterfront have closed – thats always a favorite for weekends during summer. Janes carousel in the new Jean Nouvel pavillion in Dumbo is a beautiful excursion for a winters day, or a walk on the High Line to the galleries in Chelsea.
What are your favourite places in NY at the moment? 
To eat, my favorites are mostly in Williamsburg obviously! I’m often at Marlow and sons, Dressler or Supercore.
As well as that I love East Broadway in Chinatown/LES, eating at our friends fantastic restaurant An Choi.
For shopping I love Beautiful Dreamers on Wythe in Williamsburg. This shop is very inspiring and it is more than just a shop, they combine beautiful objects with  a environmentally conscious approach and events, music and other exhibitions.
What is your favorite children’s store in NY ?
Sweet William. I like her concept for looking for good quality products with a great sense of style.